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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] Plastic Resurrection - July 17, 2011
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Plastic Resurrection

In remembrance of the Plastic series, Plastic Resurrection will be a Plastic bey only tournament!

The WBO charges an entry fee of $5 USD to any entrant who does not have a Blader
Passport. The fee is $5 USD regardless of region, since we live in Australia AUD is accepted (Australian Dollar.) Players who cannot pay this fee cannot enter WBO events UNLESS the player has a blader's passport.
The WBO is a nonprofit organization, and all money collected goes to things for the community; prizes, rewards, site maintenance, etc.

Blader Passport's
If you would like a blader's passport and for any reason cannot purchase one online, you can purchase one at the tournament for $10.00 USD or AUD. A blader's passport lasts for one whole year and allows free access to every tournament the player participates in within that year.

Date and time: July 17, 2011. Please be there between 11:30 PM and 12:20 PM; the tournament will start at 12:300 PM NO LATER.

Venue: Essendon, Lincoln Park (Same as always)

There's a milk bar next to the park, if you would like to bring money.

Train Line: (If you are out of Northern suburb area or you have to rely on public transport to get to the venue, you can catch any other line to Flinders Street Station, such as Southern Cross, and then from Flinders take the CRAIGIEBURN Line to either Essendon or Glenbervie.
Train Line Table:

Expected Turnout: 24 PEOPLE LIMIT ! Please let us know if you can attend ASAP !

Format: Round Robin block system; 3 blocks of 8 people.

Attendance List:
Novae Rog
Sam the Beast
Chaos Blader



Prizes are unknown at this time.

Chaos Blader
cool Smile, put me as a maybe.
Not sure if I can make it put me on reserve list though.
PLASTICS! Finally get to relive the good times! Sign me up
I am coming
After i kill Dracula
put me down as a maybe
Put me as a maybe, I should be able to confirm by tonight.
put me as maby, need to get a plastic bey first, time for some window shopping.
Finally! my favorite type of beyblading! Sign me up please Smile
I'll find some plastics. Put me with the maybes.

PS it says HMS can we use those, got some of them.
No sorry, it's a Plastic only tournament, you're not allowed to use both. I talked to blah about whether to make it plastics or HMS, we chose plastics since they're older, and more nostalgic. Most of us grew up on plastics more then HMS.
Even I absolutely love them, HMS were barely in the anime anyway.

Gonna get some plastics before the tourney, aha.
This will definitely bring back some memories. ;D
Yes they were the best indeed Smile By the way, I was wondering if the tournaments indoor or outdoor, and are there any free car parks around the Lincoln Park? Because I was planning to drive there. Also, are there any age limits for competitors? Thanks Smile
There is no minimum or limit to age Smile Yes there is a car park literally in front of the park, and it is outdoors (There is shelter though).

And I do agree, plastics are the greatest ! Completed my childhood.
damn, it's too close to buy a bey off the internet, ill have to be lucky to go to this. ha this reminds me of my first beyblade tournament, i was trying so hard to get my own beyblade, then i got it and lost it the day before. don't expect me to come. at least it's on a sunday. plastics were the only thing other than yu-gi-oh that got me through years prep-5, good times, good times.
Sweet then Smile , I was also wondering if any1's bringing a matt or something. Because the tips will get worned off if we play an a hard surface or even grass. This plastic beyblades of mine has been well kept and are all in mint battle condition Smile So I hope to see every plastic fanatic in this Smile
So sign me up in the attendance list and reserve one for my friend as well if you can.
Were big boys now, but never thought that we will be in tournaments once again Smile

Cheers everyone, credits to you Omega and Blah for judging and hosting this event...
Looking forward to it Grin
Hey omega sign me up as a maybe Tongue_out_wink
BTW, I'll judge. I have done it before. But you probably think I'm too young.
Sorry, I've already asked a couple of people if they can judge.

EDIT: If anyone cannot attend this due to not having any Plastic beys, PM me, I might be able to sort something out for you.
I'm in! Joyful_3

I would be happy to judge also.
Sorry about the delay. I'm now 100% sure I can come. Grin
im in
My friend wants to sign up for this tournament too, just put him under the name Kristian-619. I dont know if he has a WBO account but just put him under that name Smile Thanks
I deffinitly will not be attending
cool! i will be coming! got a few plastic beys 2 use! put me down on the list!
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