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Full Version: VANCOUVER BEYBLADE SUMMIT: June 13, 2009 - British Columbia, Canada
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(Jun. 14, 2009  3:15 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Anime North has 25000 attendees. BWR had about 40 participants.
Anime Evolution has about 5000 attendees. VBS had about 30 participants.

I'm glad the event went well! Grin

The attendance numbers are odd though (in a good way!), maybe there was less to do at Anime Evolution, so finding VBS was easier? Hard to say.
I found the only event I really wanted to attend was the Beyblade Summit. There's a bit of events but since everything is going on at the same time it makes it difficult to attend various events. Plus, half the events weren't really interesting.

I showed some of my friends the videos I took during the tournament and they were also interested. I guess the sound of clashing metal is what made them so awe inspired. XD
Brad, I'm glad the very first Beyblade Summit went well!
It seems that, since the summits are all falling on days close to larger tourneys, maybe the Summits should be very casual events, not so serious. Just to get people into the game, and then hype them for big tourneys.

I can see it now


Sorry if that was a bit of a derail.
Our summit was definitely very casual ... the tournament was unranked.

Yumigata, if you find anyone interested in a Vancouver BeyClub, be sure to get them down. Grin
I'm glad you found some new Beybladers in your area, Brad. Smile I can sympathize with you (being so far from other Beybladers). Before Evan moved out here, no one was interested. Unhappy
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