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Full Version: Beyblade 5in1 Arcade Challenge
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Does anyone own this game ? i do, and its pretty fun, i have a question though....after you beat 100 people in a row on survival, who is the ultimate character that you unlock ? i've been wanting to know for years lol.
Is this that game that you plug into your TV...?
If it is then I remember this game from a while ago. It was very fragile and it broke so easily. I had to return it like 5 times to get a decent working one. There were problems with them but anyways this game was fun for a while Smile I think it was one of the better beyblade games.

Maybe one of these is the ultimate character:
[Image: f1ldhy.jpg]
Great list thanks, i'll try it and get back to you in 2

lol nope, still searching, nice codes even though i had them lol, they are way more organized though...