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Full Version: Thank You All For Helping Us Decide On A Company Name!! We Decided On....
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(Wait for it....)

Sticking with our code name, Volare Games!

Here's the winning logo of the ones I had designed for the name!

Thanks again, all of you, for your help in our decision! If enough of you are interested (or if I can find some spare time) I'll upload the other versions that we threw out.

Thanks everyone,
Frank B.
President - Volare Studios
Haha, I somehow knew you guys would choose that! Nice job to whoever suggested it! (I forget lol) Good luck to you and your gaming company Aikemi! Tell us when you release games, so I'll know when to buy em! Wink
You should of asked my brother to make your logo, he was the best graphic designer at one the nation's top 50 high schools. Eh, it's alright, I like your logo a bunch! I like the slogan 'Believe.Imagine.Create' that's a nifty little slogan. Hope you do well!
Sounds awsome! Althought I think it should of been "Imagine.Believe.Create" because you must imagine, then believe in it Tongue_out
Cool name! Which publisher does your company work for? And what engine is your company using currently?