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Full Version: [Sydney,Australia] 10/7/11 Bey-freeze
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just a confirmation of kyoa leone's post yes im coming AND bringing my stadium for free battles if i remember....
hey i would like to come to the tourny
i might come, if i am allowed
um what the prizes
Can i ask a question see how im on the interesting list, my mum doesnt know if i can come but if i am on interested and im not sure if i can go can i still go to the tournament if i am still on interested on july 10
its a suprize and stop asking on every tourney thread.

Yes you can attend

but i need to know
OK i should be able to come i dont see why not and i might bring my new stadium im getting off ebay, though i dont know if its takara tomy or not anyway put me as intrested
I'm interested. If my New Zealnad trip's cancelled then I'll come.UnhappySmile
prizes PLZ BE A 4D BEY PLZ lol
The prize will be from art box or something around here and we have not decided which beys we are going to choose yet so stop asking.
HEY RUSTY DONT GO TO ART BOX THEY RIP U OFF there is a shop were the old newangeny is its called my happy mall and they sell $10 to $15 E.g (hell,basalt and flame) DONT WRRY ITS REAL tarkar tomy beys Its in burwood
yes there is a place called happy mall its a bit more further from burwood park than artbox and it is in the little passage between burwood road and burwood plaza where the old newsagency was(as kyoa leone mentioned).dont get mixed up with the newsagency between woolworths and donut king it is the newsagency near subway and is NOT in burwood plaza.Tired finished
Could it possibly be a block style round robin if we get even numbers?
Not goin Dad drove to Syd last night for RAW ( which by the way was AWESOME!! ) so he said " im not driving back to Syd after Nine Days! "
I'm coming too, please add my name to the list, thanks
im comin for sure o yeh!! Smile
can you put me as a maybe please thank you! =)
Oii Rusty!
Could you please change my name from interested to attending?
hey rusty I can come Wink
Me and waqas (my brother) may attend or not so you might also want to put my brother down as interested
I might be coming as well, if im 100% sure ill PM you
is there any age limit? i would like to join just for fun, count me in...
No there is not an age limit as long as you can launch a bey.
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