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Full Version: Pisces D125BS
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Pisces D125BS

Face: The Face on this Beyblade depicts Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Its Zodiac symbol is the Fish.

Wheel: Pisces

Weight: 35.4g

Pisces features two shark heads aligned in the clockwise direction, which gradually become thinner towards the tails. The shark motif is extended to the topside of the Wheel, where a row of shark teeth are positioned next to the entry points for the Launcher prongs. The heads of the sharks are pointed at the end, although the contact points are not exposed prominently enough to provide any significant Smash Attack. The rest of the Wheel is relatively round and smooth, affording it Stamina properties. Pisces is also a relatively heavy Metal System Wheel, and combined with its uninterrupted shape, can provide ample defensive properties. The Wheel has since been outclassed as both a Stamina and Defense Wheel however by a plethora of options such as Earth, which produces significantly less recoil, and Basalt, which is significantly weightier.

Track: Defense 125

Weight: 1.7g

Defense 125 is similar to 125 and Tornado 125. Apart from the shifts in weight distribution and air resistance, there are few notable differences. The ring serves no significant defensive purposes. D125 is an outclassed track for Stamina and Defense customizations.

Bottom: Ball Sharp

Weight: 0.6g

BS offers very little movement and provides no Attack potential. The pointed tip allows for very little friction between the Bottom and the Stadium surface, which helps prevent the loss of spin velocity. BS has decent Stamina, but it experiences the balance issues that the S series Bottoms share because its tip is so fine. D, WD and SD are better choices.

Other Versions
Pisces D125BS – BB-83 Booster Version (Black Details)
Pisces D125BS – 4 Layer Special Edition Set Hong Kong (Blue Details, Original Version)


Pisces D125BS, at the time of release as the prize of Random Booster Vol.2 Legend Pisces was an extremely rare Beyblade, but easily obtainable re-releases have since decreased its value. The unique part of this Beyblade is now overshadowed in use by numerous other Wheels, while all its other parts are extremely outclassed. There is little to no reason to buy this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.


  • Wasn't sure what the official name of the 4 Layer Special Edition Set was.
  • D125 and BS lifted from Beywiki, but haven't really made any content-related edits, only grammatical and wording ones.
  • I realise a draft of this already exists, but it makes too many references to Virgo and I think it's outdated now. It was easier, I felt, to just rewrite it completely.

As usual, please post if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions.
Very accurate. Only thing I can think of is D125's use in attack with gravity.
The combo specifically is the one ultrablader was talking about gravity perseus D125MF(left spin, counter)
I just said that...
Ah yeah, I've just read through all of that thread after you mentioned it:

(Apr. 02, 2011  6:48 AM)Chups Wrote: [ -> ]
(Apr. 01, 2011  10:42 PM)MeteorKing Wrote: [ -> ]This is basically the same as the combo I've been pushing as "A combo that can beat MF-H Basalt Bull/Aquario 230CS and other top tier beys too", MF-H Gravity Perseus (ATK) CH120MF.
I might do some testing for that, if you don't mind me half-hijacking the thread? Basically the same concept.

It'll outspin RSF, CS is the only defense tip that can outspin it, but it can generally KO CS, so eh.

Perseus Attack gives it noticeably better performance against mfh basalt aquario 230cs, the MF-H Is to do better against attack beys. The stamina drop is minimal, and you barely notice a speed drop.

So nice to see metal flat getting some love, and Gravity still continuing to be ridiculously versatile (When I Bought the URS as my first beyblade product, they said I WAS MAD, MAD, I TELL YOU, WELL, WE SURE SHOWED THEM, DIDN'T WE PERSEUS) etc.

So yeah, don't limit your height, use CH120. Mine are fixed enough to work well. Smile

Also, are you noticing all this stuff about "GRAVITY HAZ LOTZA RECOIL" is kinda not matching what we're seeing. It's got smash, not recoil, thanks to it's weight.

Thank's for your Input.

I am a Huge CH120 Fan and may have to buy a Dark Gasher just for TT CH120 I have a hasbro one.
It is a Very Good Substitute and achieves the Same result as D125 with the comfort of being able to Change Heights. I'm not going to do tests on CH120 but I will post on the OP That CH120 Achieves the Same thing and is a Very good Alternative.

Yep MF-H will help GRavity alot Its sort of up to you if you want to use it even though There is Minimal Stamina drop because of MF.
Ive done some stuff for RSF meh. Doesnt really help.

I think that CH120 is probably the superior choice, as is the general rule of thumb, haha.
You could put in some customization suggestions for D125 if you want, but regardless, this is great.

Just one thing I'm wondering; is there any weight difference between the BB-83 and BB-25 (and perhaps the 4 Layer Special Edition Set as well?) Pisces Wheels? I seem to remember hearing something about the BB-83 version being lighter. Don't know if this was ever confirmed by more than one person, though.
BB-25 : 35.42g
4 Layer Special : 35.26g
BB-83 : 35.36g

Think the difference is negligible, really. So nope, no difference.
CH120 is the better option for all Gravity attack combo's IMO and from my testing.
I get more KO's against BD145 combinations with D125 for some reason. (CH120 would get 0, D125 would get one in 30 rounds)
(Jun. 29, 2011  1:08 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ].
I get more KO's against BD145 combinations with D125 for some reason. (CH120 would get 0, D125 would get one in 30 rounds)

Hmm, seems negligible, in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, I went ahead and posted it. Feel free to add edits and post pictures here if you guys are able to.
Added a picture of Pisces to the Beybox.

Thanks for writing this, ♥. Smile
Significantly Heavier . I'm not really sure, but weightier doesn't sound right for me Uncertain.
(Jun. 30, 2011  7:32 PM)Azlanslayer Wrote: [ -> ]Significantly Heavier . I'm not really sure, but weightier doesn't sound right for me Uncertain.

Haha, I wasn't sure about this either ...
weightier rules, you guys cant handle

[okay i'll change it]