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Full Version: There must be nine participants for an event to be a tournament.
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(Jul. 14, 2009  4:57 PM)Blitz Wrote: [ -> ]It's been out in Japan for a while now... meaning you have to get them from online shops.

my parents wont let me
Then that's your fault not ours. It's been out for nearly a year now.
(Jul. 25, 2009  11:59 AM)Giga Wrote: [ -> ]Then that's your fault not ours. It's been out for nearly a year now.

It's not really his fault...
Okay, it's his parents, but he can't expect to compete in tournaments with his five year old blades when at this very moment beyblades are being mass produced.
Especially considering we can generally get MFB to our tournaments.

BTW, this limit was moved to 8, and will be reflected in the next event kit update.
can anyone organise tournaments in hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India.Please i love beyblading and there are no oppurtunities here to participate
i live in india and have 15 of my friends ready for beyblading .Can you please conduct a small tournament.I mean we have no oppurtunities here
All of our tournaments are fan run. I can't just fly over to Hydrabad to run a tourney. :\

If you have friends who are interested why don't you run it. That's what everyone else does .
Awesome, the limit is 8 now. This should help us out. One less person to find.
that's a fine idea.Well thanks.
tournament or not i love blading for fun
Sounds good :]
Sounds good Smile
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