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Full Version: Just Giving Beys To Give
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(Sep. 02, 2014  1:47 PM)KirbyRobot Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 02, 2014  12:07 AM)Neo Wrote: [ -> ]
(Aug. 25, 2014  11:42 PM)KirbyRobot Wrote: [ -> ]One time a friend gave me his;

Rock Leone
Flame Bull 145F
Hyper Vortex Stadium (the red one) along with the rest.

But another friend stole all of my beyblades, I actually had some good ones, like Twisted Tempo, I had more than 210$ worth of beyblades, he even had the nerve to steal my BigBangPegasis F : D which wasn't released in the US yet. but now I have like 18-19 beyblades (with some spare parts)

That's against the law to steal =_=
I told him he had to pay me back or give them all back, but he didn't do either of those. But I couldn't just call the cops they'd just tell me to earn the money back. I didn't want to send my friend to Juvi over some spinning tops
Take this up with his parents. Seriously. He stole something from you. THAT'S A LESSON THE PARENTS NEED TO TEACH.
I gave my brother a rock zurafa
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