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Full Version: Face Contest: Create a Video to EARTHBEND's "Too Many Stars" Winners!
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Oh well, still no news from EARTHBEND ... We cannot make you all wait any longer, so if they ever reply with the video they were supposed to do for all the participants, especially the winners, we will simply edit this topic.

The time has come to announce the winners, finally!

With almost fifty entries, the song started getting to our head and comparing each video was a difficult task, but the following members have expertly succeeded in matching the rhythm of the music with the scenes they used, whether they were from real-life battles or from the anime, combining intense action with the powerful instrumental that's played during the song. Moreover, they included original ideas in their video that really made their entries stand out from the rest.

The winners are, in alphabetical order...

- DrigerGT!
- Lucky!
- OkiBlaze!

All three of you can choose your Face Booster out of:

Congratulations to everybody who participated, it was good to have a new, different Face Contest!

it was e blast!
DrigerGT was expected (I mean, seriously, he's DrigerGT) but congrats to everyone else! Hope you get lucky with your selections!
Congrats to the winners, you all deserved it. Grin
Congrats. Driger gt's was AWESOME
I forgot to mention that there were only supposed to be two winners, but since there were a few good ones, it was difficult to only choose two. Therefore, Lucky's and OkiBlaze's videos are just as good ...
Haha , congrats everyone ! The same goes for you lucky ! You won because you were lucky ! I'd had loved to watch everyones AMV's , I had only watched Dragoonrocks AMV but sadly I was busy that time and afterward I completely forgot about this contest. Congrats to everyone who participated !
Congratz hope you get rares, also if lucky gets a rare, then you really are lucky lol
Congrats guys. You guys well desrve it. The vids were awesome
Well, congrats... Heh, it was a nice competition, but I expected DrigerGT and Oki to take it. I tried my best to match up the scenes, and it happened. I guess I didn't have a good HD Quality or something, or maybe I mixed something up. Congrats! LUCKY! You deserved it, for all! Lucky will get lucky and get rares! Congrats Oki and DGT!
Congratulations to all the winners! Hope you get a good pull! I can't wait until next time!
Congrats to all the winners, had a lot of fun watching all of them =) cant wait for the next contest
Shouldn't you post this in news?
Anyways great job guys.
CONGRATS to the winners
lol i was never gonna get up there
great job drigergt,okiblaze and lucky
(Jun. 17, 2011  10:34 PM)Wraith Wrote: [ -> ]Shouldn't you post this in news?
Anyways great job guys.

Most Face Contests get this sort of topic, so no ...
Great Job DrigerGT, Okiblaze and Lucky!

Enjoy your Face Boosters Grin . I guess i need to improve on my videos.
Congrats, DrigerGT, Lucky! and Oki!
Keep making great videos!
Quote:With almost fifty entries, the song started getting to our head
Do you all know its lyrics by heart, as of yet? Tongue_out
Thanks everyone, haha. I'll take a Face Booster BLUE, if you don't mind.

I'm really glad that so many people participated in this contest. I really wasn't expecting that many entries.
Hmm...Congrats to all the winners of the contest..Enjoy your face boosters....Maybe next time...Speechless
Congrats to all the winners!! I hope I make a better video next time.. Grin
Oh, I noticed this thread only now...XD

Thanks to all! I sincerely didn't expect to win the first place... I saw some very good vids among all the entries.

Anyway...I choose the Face Booster RED.
Congrats DrigerGT, Okiblaze, and Lucky! Smile
OMG! (*__*) Thaks to all!

First, congrats to DrigerGT and Okiblaze!

I'm really happy that the committee likes my video. I've tryed to find a different way (live FX), because there are a lot of great and experts videomakers on WBO.

And now...I choose the Booster Face blue Smile
OkiBlaze opened his Face Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png] and received ... Libra [Image: libraface.png]!

DrigerGT claimed his Face Booster RED [Image: faceboosterred.png] and out popped ... Pegasis [Image: pegasisface.png]!

And last but not least, Lucky opened his Face Booster BLUE [Image: faceboosterblue.png] and found ... Wolf [Image: wolfface.png]!

Congratulations to all the winners! :]
Thanks! ^^
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