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Full Version: Plastics/hms im buying
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Dragoon v2
Dragoon gt
voltaic ape
dranzer v
dranzer v2
master dranzer
strata dragoon (obviously the later us release of the plastic top not the ms)
wolborg ms
jiraiya ms
dranzer ms

also any other limited versions of plastic tops or hms.
I have a mint ice blue wolborg ms and a nip jiraya ms.
Pics are on my selling thread
pmed about the dragoon ms
nvm its not nib but i ahve a nib jirya ms
(Jun. 17, 2011  8:04 AM)poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]nvm its not nib but i ahve a nib jirya ms

I've got a NIB Dranzer V for sale. Photos are in my sales thread.
I've got a Mint Jiraiya ms too.
I have a NIB Wolborg MS if you want to buy it. (:
I have all of this NIB. PM me an offer Smile
Dragoon v2 (Red)
Dragoon GT (Blue)
Wolborg MS
Jiraiya MS
Dranzer MS (Proto Gray)