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Full Version: [London 20/8/2011] Bey Thunder
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my mum said it might rain but try to find it and good luck everone
Good luck everyone!
I should be at the bandstand for 11:00, see everyone later!
Packing bags an BeyCase, see you guys! ;D
sorry guys if did not make in time
Had a great day today, lots of fun! Won 2/5 matches (Would've been three!)
Sorry that I didn't come. Something else came up and I couldn't do anything at all.
had a great day thanks to all Grin
Had a good time today, it's nice not having to worry about hosting and getting everything organised for once!
Didn't get to the finals unfortunately (damn Control_ and his unstoppable MF-H Basalt ___ BD145MB, even when I had the advantage Pinching_eyes_2 haha) still my Beypoints shouldn't get too badly hurt, haha.
Awesome day today, had loads of fun being in Blitz's group! I was very fortunate to escape Blitz's "advantage". Furthermore I was just as fortunate to win all 8 of my matches in a lively and extremely competitive atmosphere. Team Triple ThreaT gain a 1-2 finish Grin

Hopefully I can at least see Kei's beypoints after this tournament.


1st ControL_
2th Madmuppet98
3th LeeDraciel

But let's not forget:
4th EnzoXS

Looking forward to the next official WBO tournament, hopefully not too long until there is another, will be looking to beat Blitz again.
Nice to see good times.
Had a good time today (not that it went very well Joyful_2' ) but got some shiny parts and it was a tense final (especially between Enzo and Kevin :L )
As always I had fun even though I only won a match in the normal fashion of my amzingly bad luck. Oh well it showed me that I need to keep up with releases and practise more. Also finally got a CS and sold two things for £16 which I was happy with.
Blitz, you have both the credits and beypoints done extremely quickly, thank you for the commitment.
Oh, just to say - I forgot a bag of accessories at the bandstand! :s

There's a couple of items in there that I really would like returning - Reward if you stayed afterwards and might have picked it up.

I hear BeyHyperKiller might have it.
*Runs to bandstand to double check*

But seriously, good luck finding the bag dude.
WHO THE HELL SAID THAT! I swear, i never picked them up, Or HellKid or ThePokeBlader would of seem me have them because i saw them in KFC after.
(Aug. 24, 2011  7:31 PM)BeyHyperKiLLer Wrote: [ -> ]WHO THE HELL SAID THAT! I swear, i never picked them up, Or HellKid or ThePokeBlader would of seem me have them because i saw them in KFC after.

they never saw anything cause we didnt go we could not bothered to go back and u forgot me Unhappy
Oh yeah... i forgot...
This is like horribly late but I finally managed to get this video to save to my computer -
Part 1
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