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Full Version: coolest place you've ever beybattled
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On a tray, serious dents there too!
I battled on a container top. Not very interesting, but it was cool to se the beys fly around after bumping.
This one summer camp I go to has a sand area and two big bowls. They're pretty much like stable Zero-G stadiums with no exits. It's the BEST to beybattle in, especially with an RF/R2F because the bey actually rides up the slopes (that excites me so much lol.)
My cousin and I made some spare-parts beys and (we were at a hotel at the time) set this ceramic dish on the guard rail of the 3rd story. Then we launched in and it fell. They battled till it hit the concrete, the dish shattered, my bey was ok, but it had stopped spinning. His was jumping about wildly on the concrete and it's tip got screwed up.. this was like a month ago XD

And when I was like 8, we used to live in a hotel and there was a creek a little ways into the woods. I would always sneak off and I had a frisbee with a rope glued to the underside and the other end of the rope under a rock so it wouldn't run away floating in it, and it was my secret training ground. I used to practice accuracy, as well as having to run an obstacle course for no reason, and I used to bounce my bey off trees like Kai.
Ummm... Inside a plane in a bowl. I think that counts, it was quite the rush. I felt "Bad".
On top of the Empire State Building,or on my trampoline.that's all i got.
Yeah, you should always battle in a BeyStadium. I saw someone at a Toys R Us tournament had this cool homemade tip that was metal so if they launched on the ground it wouldn't me damaged. But the tip was only for launching on the ground for fun.
Me and my friends made a beystadium out of ice and battle in it. We made the ice really thick so if our beyblades hit the wall it wont break. It took us 2 days to make the stadium. I can tell you how if you want.
I can remember going on a tour with the advanced kids in my school to New York, and I brought my trusty Basalt Kerbecs TH170 RDF and we were touring the empire state building and my friend brought his BB-10 stadium and we battled on top of the building! But unfortunately our stadium was on the edge of it and my bey fell of, still spinning, when I got down there there was a crevice where the bey was buried! It was awesome and we had a rematch after I added an MF-H... I won.
In a Stadium...

.....the stadium afloat in the sea! I did that a few months ago-and made my little sister finnaly take interest in beyblades. I cant tell you how fun it was-the waves made the beys go all over the stadium. the seawater wrecked two of my light launchers though.
ok here in WA it once iced over outside and me and my litle bro battled on that, it was extremly fun Grin
In a plate with food in it. LOL
Not that i've done it but i'd love to bring a stadium to the top of a volcano then after i'm done throw my stadium the in the lava just to look badass. Of course i'd be filming all of this. This is one of my ambitions (I do have normal dreams too though).
we battle here on a bey stadium which floats on water tank and also on iceTongue_outTongue_out
nice place in the night, three stadium for tournament, and 1 hour of epic battle!
I have a new one! I battled on my arm! Luckily the tips were rubber so it didn't hurt.
The coolest place i've ever battle would be in the abandoned house behind mine. It was so wierd how my bey seemed to know where the holes in the floor were and managed to avoid all of them.
in florida at a turonment at a zoo near one of the exibets at the lions habitat and i was useing diaoblo leone BGrin and i hit a guys bey to the glass window at lions habitat and a lion let out a huge ROAR and my friend was like BEYSPIRT
I battle my best friend in a thunder storm!
I battled on rocks round a river on a really windy day!!!
In sixth grade, when everybody loved beyblade we would battle on a really big desk. The only one that had a stadium then was a friend (I actually think I had one, idk) who always got in trouble and couldn't bring it. I could've brought mine, but I didn't want to carry it around.
I beybladed in a sink because it looks so much like the stadiums on the show. But I stopped when i noticed it was messing the tip.
I have battled in a frisbee as well as in one if the bowl things at a skatepark.
i remember when i was younger i took my draciel fortress stadium in a hole i dug in the ground and me and my friend would battle in it i would remind me of the stadiums in the show
My bey is to dangerous for something plastic my beyblade will just scratch the plastic or dent or break it I know this sounds weird but its true.
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