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Full Version: hotwheels collection
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post pics of your hotwheels collection (including your tracks) and if you have any limited editions (hotwheels cars you cant find anymore in shops e.g. the acceleracers collection ) here is my collection:
sorry these are the only ones I could find when I find the rest(including nitrum, I have 3 times the amount of cars in the picture)
I have TONS of hotwheels and acceleracers were awsome, the only things from it I don't have anymore are:

grapple hyperpod
drill hyberpod
slam ram hyperpod (racing drone)
the sweeper

otherwise I have quite a bit Wink it was a shame that the paint chipped so easilly T_T

I'll try to post a pic later Wink
I used to do demolition derbies with my friends. We take track and push our cars at the same time making them crash. The go flying if you have the right car.

I have lots of Hot-Wheels. I'll add a picture once I have the time. I'll probably just take a picture of the box, and one with some cool looking ones in a row.
I think that you guys could have posted this here: since it does cover everything non-beyblade related. But I do have like two hot wheels, a for shelby, and a stingray corvette-mint.
i hD SOOO MANY my faverite was a blue baseling a red sling shot
I lke this
[Image: 100_2752.jpg]
i use to have it
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i collect some, usally of all the cars in my story or all the cars i want. other than that most of the time i just buy the build your own kind of thing.

heres all i got.
ect hehehe

most of the time i steal them from my sisters kids. she tells me they wont miss them and so i just pick the ones i horrable!
(Jun. 16, 2011  2:00 AM)kanato dolsrin Wrote: [ -> ] challenger
ect hehehe


I got a cool, hot pink '69 FireBird.
My fastest ones are my Asphalt Assualt, Drift King, Pikes Peak Celica, and my Circle Tracker.
i luff these 5 cars =3
(Jun. 16, 2011  2:34 AM)Nano Wrote: [ -> ]Figures...

I got a cool, hot pink '69 FireBird.

oh come on did you Expect any less from me?
i have the 67 firebird blue!
finally found my nitrum click here to watch a vid of it