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Full Version: looking for a shine god and divine chimera
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Does anyone have one there willing to give,trade,or sell,or know where i can get shine god.Does anyone know where to get a cheap Divine chimera?
do you mean shining god ms?i doubt any would sell shining is damn rare and expensive..probably more costly than dgms/uv
Yup that's It.If I Had A Normal bank acount instead of a colledge fund I would pay top dollar,but sadly I'm not aloud to acess It untill I'm eighteen.3 to 4 more years
It costs at least $100 when new.
okay i wonder if there is a used one if i had acess to my colledge fund i'd buy it new,but i have to wait 3 to 4 years
I had been looking for used ones for a long time. No one here seems to have a used version for sale.
Thanks every one
Try JH1026's WBO Shop
Thank you this was helpful.