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Full Version: f/s driger v2 ra-06 toy
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Hi guys, I have the 57mhz ra-06 driger rc for sale. It has a little bit of box crush on the front and back, and a small tear in the cardboard as well. My pics will have the post-it with and my name there on it to validate that it is infact my item. I know I am a new member here, but well-established at . I am not looking for a bundle for this beyblade but I think 60 + shipping would be fair for this item. Also I am located in Southern California (Los Angeles, on the edge of South Pasadena) if anyone would like to deal locally. If anyone has any questions feel free to P.M. or ask.

[Image: dscn0553.jpg]

[Image: dscn0542j.jpg]

[Image: dscn0548z.jpg]

3/4 inch tear in front of box
Hmm, a $100 asking price is quite high. I don't think that is an item that many, if any, members on these forums would actually want.
im a bit ignorant of beyblade market conditions and differences between models. i was going by what i saw on ebay and lowering it by 1/3. are there price guides anywhere? I'm not looking to overcharge anyone
No, there are no price guides. But the RC beyblades aren't ones that people really have much interest in.

Try the purchase consultation thread. Someone there might have a good idea as to the worth of an RC beyblade.
even the rc beys put on ebay is around one ever bought them for that range...
well you can ask in purchase consultation for price range..
one sold on ebay a few months back for £23.99
I checked with completed listings on ebay and mine is a newer model, but I believe that the equivilent after the exchange rate for pounds is fair for mine, so I will be lowering it to 60 dollars shipped.
That price is way too high and also no one is gonna want to buy one anyway.