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Full Version: Dranzer S...finally (AR help?)
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==Dranzer S==

==Attack Ring (AR): Double Wing==
*Weight: 4 grams
This Attack Ring has two wings on either side that are designed for [[Smash Attack]] in left spin. Unfortunately, the Attack Ring is outclassed by others such as Eight Spiker and has recoil, so isn't very good competitively. It can be used, but there are much better options.

===Use in Smash Attack Customization===
*AR: Double Wing
*WD: 10 Wide
*SG: Left
*BB: Storm Grip ([[Dragoon S]])
This makes the best of the [[Smash Attack]] '''Double Wing''' has to offer, but as said before, it is outclassed by Attack Rings such as Eight Spiker.

==Weight Disk (WD): 8 Balance==
See [[Balance Weight Disks]]

==Spin Gear (SG): Right SG (Free Shaft Version)==
*Weight: 6 grams
This Spin Gear has casings that hold a metal sharp tip and a metal bearing inside. The casings can also be used to hold [[Driger F]]'s tip inside and allows the tip to be used in many smash attack customizations.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===
*AR: Triple Wing ([[Trygle]])
*WD: 10 Wide
*SG: Right SG (Free Shaft Version) holding [[Driger F]]'s tip
*SP: Fin Tector ([[Draciel V2]])
*BB: Customize Grip ([[Dragoon V2]])

This customization uses the casings to their fullest. The metal flat tip increases movement. It is best when used with the [[Sliding Shoot]] since the the tip makes the Beyblade very hard to control otherwise.

==Blade Base (BB): Spiral Change Base==
*Weight: 7 grams
This blade base can only hold Right SG (Free Shaft Version). The bottom of the base can be pushed in and turned before battle to have either a metal sharp tip or plastic flat tip. '''Spiral Change Base''' has great life-after-death ability and can be used instead of a bearing tip while rivaling or beatingthe ability of one.

===Use in Life-after-Death Customization===
*AR: War Lion ([[Galeon]])
*WD: 10 Wide
*SG: Right SG (Free Shaft Version)
*BB: Spiral Change Base (plastic flat tip)
This customization uses life-after-death effectively to outspin or tie the opponent and can even outspin zombie beyblades used in the opposite spin direction. This customization is best used in the opposite spin direction than the opponent.

This beyblade is very useful for it's Spin Gear, as well as it's Blade Base. Both are very useful competitively. It's Attack Ring has some smash attack uses as well, though is outclassed. Everyone should own atleast one of this beyblade.

So, what more can I say about the AR and SG customization? I'm sure my writing wasn't very good so someone maybe revise it? Finally, should I be mentioning UFO's, and if so, what else can I say about them?
Didn't the BB have Life after Death qualities?
(Mar. 08, 2009  8:11 PM)shikamaru526 Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't the BB have Life after Death qualities?

" '''Spiral Change Base''' has great potential life-after-death ability, but since it can only hold Right SG (Free Shaft Version) there is no way to use it legally. This base has been popular in the illegal UFO beyblade customizations."
AR War Lion
WD Wide Survivor
SG Left SG (Free Shaft Version)
BB Spiral Change Base (Attack Mode)
There, really good LAD
LAD isn't good without spin stealing as well. There is no point in adding a custom like that to the article.
It spin steals, apparently Bluzee uses a combo with it.
Quote:No, that is incorrect. I use it as one of my most competitive combos and it does extremely well in terms of survival and it steals spin efficiently. So to put it in the easiest way possible, it is possible to use it legally and it will work. Anyone who has ever played me in a tourney like anubis or anyone else will tell you that the base with my combo is great. Even Cye can tell you since he played me too. The best way to use this is in attack mode believe it or not because it needs to constanly be moving around to get in contact with the opposing beyblade to take its spin.
Well, technically all blades spin steal a little. But that one doesn't do it anymore than the others. The tip isn't free spinning =/. So, no, I won't be adding it, unless some Committee member says I should.
Uh, Dranzer S's tip is free spinning. Hence, Free Shaft Version.
Well yeah I see where your coming from, if you put 8 Spiker or Whale Crusher on though (just theory) shoudn't it be able to Smash the opponent then have enough LAD to outspin them?
Brad he means in Attack Mode
He was using the plastic flat tip in that combo, Brad =/.
Life After Death.
life after death
Pichuscute, it can steal spin, how do you think the LAD is even effective in my combo.It doesnt just use that ability, it steals a considerable amount after hard hits and the uses it. If you want to see proof, I can show you.
I don't want proof. Just tell me how it steels spin more than normal when the tip isn't free spinning.....
Okay, for example, if they beyblade itself is falling over just about to hit the ground and use LAD, if it is hit by something of the opposite spin hard enough and the beyblade has enough velocity left to stand upright, it will regain spin and also begin to spin upright as it pushes the other beyblade down and takes its remaining spin. I would be better at showing you than telling you for sure.
Blade 1 won 3/5 times through outspin and tied twice. If anyone knows sumin about this I do.

Stadium: Tornado Balance
Blade 1
Total Survivor
Wide Survivor
Right SG (Free Shaft Version)
Spiral Change Base


Blade 2
8 Spiker
10 Wide
Neo Left SG
SG Metal Flat 2
I just tried this:

AR: War Lion
WD: Wide Defense
SG and BB: Dranzer S


AR: Twin Horn
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Neo Double Bearing Left
SP: Survivor Ring
BB: Neo Customize Bearing

It consistently tied my Zombie. Impressive. I owe Bluezee some props.
I'll probably rewrite the BB section now....
(Mar. 08, 2009  10:10 PM)Bluezee Wrote: [ -> ]I would be better at showing you than telling you for sure.

Most definitely intersted.

EDIT: Also, are you aware of any other BB's with this quality?
I thought Dranzer S' AR actually worked rather well for attack in left spin. Try it with like.. Ten Balance and Storm Grip.
My tests all in Attack stadium:
Round 1

Combo 1:
AR: Dranzer S
WD: 10 Wide (didn't see you wanted 10 balance, but wouldn't that be worse?)
SG: Left
BB: SG Flat (my storm grip's are too worn)
Combo 2Unhappylaunched first)
AR: Bistool
WD: 10 Heavy
BB: Metal Ball Base w/ 4 metalballs

Battle 1: 2 wins by Outspin
Battle 2: KO Tie
Battle 3: KO Tie
Battle 4: KO Tie
Battle 5: 1 wins by Outspin (knocked 2 off balance)
Battle 6: 2 wins by KO (recoil?)
Battle 7: 1 wins by Outspin (knocked 2 off balance again)
Battle 8: 1 wins by Outspin (knocked 2 off balance again...)

Conclusion: It's okay at smash attack, but is still outclassed and has some recoil. Someone else should probably test it... but I'll still be needing to edit the AR article too.

Round 2

Combo 1:
AR: War Lion
WD: 10 Wide
SG/BB: Dranzer S (plastic flat tip)
Combo 2Unhappylaunched first)
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Neo Left Burning Kerberous
BB: Burning Kerberous
SP: Dranzer V2

Battle 1: 1 wins by KO
Battle 2: 1 wins by Outspin
Battle 3: Tie
Battle 4: 1 wins by Outspin

Conclusion: Bluezee's right.....again. I'll be editing some more. Smile Glad you found this, BTW. It'll be very useful.
I updated the article in my first post.
10 Balance allows the two main spikes to stick out more. With 10 Wide, they can't stick out... I dunno. You can test more and it's possible it doesn't work so well but.. yeah.
I'll retry then, and post results.
Ok, new tests..... Dunno what to say about them, though. Someone tell me if I should add anything or change anything to the article based on these battles.

Ok, Combo 1:
AR: Dranzer S
WD: 10 B
SG: Right
BB: SG Flat
Combo 2:
AR: Bistool
WD: 10 Heavy
BB: Metal Ball Base w/ 4 metal balls


Battle 1: 1 wins by KO
Battle 2: 1 wins by KO
Battle 3: Tie by Outspin
Battle 4: 1 wins by KO
Battle 5: 1 wins by Outspin
Battle 6: 2 wins by KO (wtf? and this happened 3 times)
Battle 7: Tie by Outspin***
Battle 8: Tie by Outspin
Battle 9: 1 wins by Outspin
Battle 10: 2 wins by KO
Battle 11: 2 wins by KO
Battle 12: 1 wins by KO

***Yeah, this battle was pretty cool/weird. The compact spun out after being knocked over to the ground early in the match. Then, when I thought it had stopped spinning, it was spinning again (wasn't looking, assumed it stole spin after being knocked over. was pretty kool regardless) and somehow tied. I mean, it wouldn't have been too weird if it wasn't for the fact that Combo 1 was outspinning Combo 2 before, and Combo 2 was doing much, much better in those matches, but anyways...... XD

So, yeah. Should I add something else (get it rewritten?) or can I put the article up?
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