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Full Version: BEYSTORM II - Selling Thread
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This thread is only for sales in the upcoming Melbourne tournament: BEYSTORM II

Post below what you are selling/buying/trading on the day. Please only post your items you are selling and buying if you are attending BEYSTORM II.

Omega's MFB Store

If you are buying anything from me, please post on that thread.
  • Basalt
  • TH170
  • Aquario CW

oh im thinking of selling my hasbro ripcords and launchers as i have too many. im giving $1.25 for 2 ripcords and one launcher or 50 cents for one ripcord or one launcher. i have 6 ripcords and 3 launchers. i have been waiting for this topic just so i could post that.

edit: 1. add one more launcher to the list. 2, all rip cords are back but the launchers colors are: red, blue, yellow, green. red and blue are see through. i need to get rid of these but throwing them out is a waste.
Buying an Ice Blue Burn Phoenix, PM me or bring it on the day. Thanks.
  • Red beylauncher
  • Light Launcher 2 (NIP)
  • Blue Launcher Grip (mint)
  • Galaxy Pegasis (NIB)
  • Ray Unicorno (NIB)
  • Pegasis (BB-96 ver, just wheel) [smallest chip from hitting other beys]

PM me if you want to buy some stuff.

RF/R2F Mint/Lightly Used

PM me if you have one you're willing to sell.
I have a Lightly used one but it will Cost you. Name your price.

- Magical Ape MS.
- JB (justin bieber Tongue_out)
I'm willing to pay up to $10.
Also buying a BD145. (:
But another Basalt and a TH170, pleeeease ? :3
$8 Deal. (aimed at Chaos Blader)


- Launcher Rubber's Red and White. $5 each.
- L Drago Destroy at least $30. (used twice) (I may change my mind about this....Uncertain)
- Beylauncher Suspension $4
- 5 Dark wheels $2 xD
- Burn Saggitario 105HF (Looks AMAZING Never launched) $15 at least.
- Gold Quetz wheel (Used) $10
- Vulcan Horuseus (Just MW and CW. Used.) $15
- Ray Unicorno (Hasbro, Launched once! MINT) $13
- RSF (Prime condition Rubber) $4
- Earth (Hasbro, Used) $4
- Bull (Hasbro, sticker's near MINT) $4.
- XF (Turquoise) $6

I can and will do some Deals Smile
(Jun. 15, 2011  8:28 AM)Chups Wrote: [ -> ]$8 Deal. (aimed at Chaos Blader)

Done. Smile
If anyone has a beypointer card spares ill pay $2 for 1
LOL; they're worth like $10 each. |:
are you kidding never mind then
(Jun. 17, 2011  1:29 PM)myvo3 Wrote: [ -> ]are you kidding never mind then

You have no idea how many people are looking for some when nobody even needs one ... They are not produced anymore.