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Full Version: [Silver Spring, Maryland, USA] August 14, 2011
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Expect one on Sunday Aug. 14.

@ martin luther king park

Special WBO event!

didnt it all ready past
Sure I'll go.
Yes, Im going to make it. Mother said yes. You might as well put Galaxy in too.
Im coming haha
The GoDs are coming for yah ! Lol. Hope this could be moved into official events in no time.
What's the prizes? (IF there are any) and is the fee and location the same as the BeyDays tournament?
(Jun. 04, 2011  7:17 PM)Nuzumaki90 Wrote: [ -> ]What's the prizes? (IF there are any) and is the fee and location the same as the BeyDays tournament?
same as beyday prize is different you will have to pay $10. $5 for WBO fee plus 5$ to cover prize fee
I might be able to go most likely yes I can
I don't know if i can make it might be out of Town. On A Saturday Right? I will be Out of Town 21- at least 25 hopefully can't wait if Galaxie's Tournament Doesn't Work Out and if i can Go
It's on sunday.
Awesome probably coming
Now a maybe i will be back but my mom is not sure i hope i can come and most likely can
Hey Otsu,

I'm a strong maybe here, depending on my family's schedule. Should be able to confirm by this weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new tricks you have up your sleeve... Eee

I'm thinking about hosting a tournament this sunday. I know it's last minute, but anyone that's available please post if you can make it.

I might be using the red standard balance stadium for this tournament instead of the usual attack stadium.
But...its exams... ='[. But I definitley go on June 26th
(Jun. 08, 2011  9:22 PM)® Wrote: [ -> ]But...its exams... ='[. But I definitley go on June 16th

thats a school day for em asking my mom now for 12th though i will hva eno plan without my beys coming next week i thought 26th was a good date or 18th was better Got my attack stadum though my mom won't let people use it for ther tournament thinking it will get ruined i have my own personal battle stadium im pretty sure people will like that sorry i hope you hav eenough and my mom said only 3 bladers at a time in my stadium and other stuff so it won't be used much After lots of arguing my mom siad ok
My mom said she can take me. Exams ended for me today so I'm free all week Tongue_out
I won't know till Friday if I work Sunday. Ha
I'll let you know!
gonna try to run back to back tournaments. if you want to play both, you'll have to pay the fees for each one.
ROFL 2 LMAO imm Sooo in! 10 dollars total awesome!
if this one doesn't get approved then i will go to 26th because of galaxies tournament and then yours both of them we argued and stuff and she said that this is the last tourny for till august galaxies then so sigh im coming to this one though maybe if so one could take me to the 26th is both get aprroved
Otsu you gotta get this Proposal Asap
(Jun. 09, 2011  12:55 AM)Galaxy4ever Wrote: [ -> ]Otsu you gotta get this Proposal Asap

he might not have enoug people
So is that like $20 if your not getting a passport and $10 if you are?
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