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Full Version: is kai-v good for controlling wbo?
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i think kei is correct for controlling wbo.when beybrad is present wbo is awesome.
This doesn't belong here. Besides, no one person "controls" the WBO. It is the combined effort of all the moderators.
hey if you want to post just post whos better and you dont post posts like this.and other guys dont fear to post here.
Heck, I voted for Kai-V, but I dont really care who or what controls the WBO, and I dont think that anyone should!
This looks like treason to me. It is the combined efforts of all the moderators, not just Kai-V. Although Kai-V seems to be doing a great job with keeping up. Its very difficult to maintain and manage a message board this size! It takes multiple people if even just a small group of individuals to deal with the workload.
Kai-V is just the admin. Treat her like a normal member Uncertain
She is a real person.
Well, I must say she can get "Naggy" but she is a good Admin keeps us in place!

And she is a Admin not alot can change, She controls everthing!
Somone'll take this down probably...
But yeah, it IS a combined effort to keep the WBO up and running.
A great job is being done by all thank you for such a great site. keep up the good work and keep beyblade alive.
why am i not on the poll ? lol jk, another troll ...