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Full Version: Yet Another Lightning Tank Counter
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This Combo has not been tested acuratley yet but try it for urself it is really simple but a heck of a counter no Bassalt,230,BD145 or hell are accuired it is the on the only Earth yes yes i know crazy but not really

Earth Bull 100/90/85 RS/RSF/CS/MF

The lower you get the better for some reason earth just happens to stop the BD145 but does not work with other bey example gravity,beat,storm etc......

Please Try out For Yourself and if u have the time any of you do some testing on it

Other Fact: You dont need a metal face for it to counter....
I promise you that your so wrong LOL.
Dude, no test results just yapping.
nope try
i lost to it in the crusade with my lightning tank
These combos have been tested. Check the original LT Thread. CS has been done, as well as RSF. If anything, MF is unique here.
That means nothing other than your too inexperienced with Lightning Tank, learn to use it. Practice.
LOOOOOOOL!! I LOL'D toooo hard. I have to say, I agree with Dan. I use CS and RF for LT. It takes time to master it. But when it has CS its beast. Please get proper test. So ur