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Full Version: [SELLING] Brand New Sealed Plastic Blades 2002/2003
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Will upload he rest of the pictures during the week

Dranzer S (Phantom Force)Clear Red

Black Dranzer

Master Draciel


Metal Driger

Driger G

Wing Defenser

Galeon Attacker (Phantom Force)

Trygle (green)

Driger F (Hyper Blade Version)

Master Dranzer (Hyper Blade Version)

Wolborg (Phantom Force) Clear Yellow

I Have a boxed sealed Dranzer Electronic Launcher if anyones interested?

Also have really big non official stadiums.

All blades are brand new and sealed

PM With Offers Please Smile
Really? This is blatant disobedience of the rules, even though I've already told you.