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Full Version: {Selling} Wolborg SG used old (2002) UK buyers only
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Hey, im selling my wolborg, it's listed on ebay and its ending tomorrow, i cant take any pictures because its already in its packaging but here is the link.
There is no damage to the item though there are stickers that are missing.

Bids start from : £0.99 GBP
Buy now: £.4.95 GBP

If you wanna try your luck and bid and try and get it cheap go ahead or you can hit the buy now button.
you know about the ebay thread right
Well yeah, but i thought that that was about typical ebay discussion and beyblades that are brought from and others that sell them, not doing my sales to the rest of WBO on there, plus i see people post ebay links to there shop of items for sale in selling section too ¬.O