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Full Version: Driger
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(Feb. 28, 2009  11:57 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]
(Feb. 28, 2009  11:13 PM)BlackDranzer Wrote: [ -> ]I found Uriel 2!
Sorry for double post. Didn't wanna make a separate topic for it.

Uh so the base broke first battle o.O

yeah this sounds about right, i broke two in a day
It almost broke directly in half.
I put the tip in the wolborg bearing, not sure if it's good.
It's illegal.
(Mar. 01, 2009  12:18 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]It's illegal.
Oh lame...
Argh, thats annoying Unhappy
A really cool looking Beyblade I saw the other day:

AR: Gabriel (Hasbro)
Sub-AR: Gabriel (Hasbro)
WD: ??
SG: ??
BB: Gabriel (Takara)
Sub-BB: Gabriel (Takara)

The BB is the Secret white one from the, IIRC, Saint Beast F so it matches.
Looked really cool.
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