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Full Version: [Brussels, Belgium] Bladers around Brussels?
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I'm looking for bladers in Belgium, living around Brussels or wanting to travel to it.
It would be great to blade against other people than just my friends.

If you're interested just post:
-17 years old
-I am from Belgium too, Oost-Vlaanderen
Maxime DC
15 jaar
Vilvoorde (next to brussels)
16 years old

Me and my friend live close to Brussel so we can battle you Smile
I think a friend can be interested Smile
Last time Kelaun logged in was on 27/08/2011...
So, I don't think there's any point in replying in this thread. :p
-12 years old
-Hamoir (near Marche-en-Fammenne)
It isn't near Brussels.
Hello, I have just registered on this site and I saw this discusion and I wanted to say that if someone is interese by a fight of beyblade (metal fusion, metal master, metal fury, shogun steel) against me , It would be nice, he can inform me by writing in this discusion or by spanking me a message on this email, thank you very much is that anybody can Ie if he is going to have beybalde tournaments in Li├Ęge, Grace-Hollogne (Belgium), Thank you very much and Good evening and Good night, Zuabir 31
Good evening, someone can tell me this is when the next beyblade router tournament (metal fusion, metal master, metal fury, shogun stelle) in Belgium, thank you very much, good evening