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Full Version: Rubiks Cube/Puzzle Disscusion
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haven't seen a thread on this yet
here u can discuss about your speed cubing times, your puzzle collection
and other stuff( new puzzles and stuff)
on my 3X3X3 my best time was 49.38 secs lubed cube
also i own a 1x1x1, a floppy, 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, megaminx, 360 revoloution, rubiks globe, unknown puzzle ( a circle with different sections for colored balls)
Fisher Cube, pyramix, Master Pyramorphix, Rubiks Snake, Skewb and a Keychain cube
6X6X6 in 2:49.
3X3X3 in 1:20.
These are my currect recs
I just have a normal cube. I can do some of it up to a part. After that, I must look at the directions.
The Normal Cuber Eh?
It may be 6x6x6
I think it is...

i have a weird puzzle i like to call the "Rubiks pyramid" (because i have know idea what the name is)

i have never been able to solve it, but it seems like it is harder then the Rubiks Cube
rubics kinda suck chess ftw beyblades all the way!
snake rube is kinda kewl
(May. 13, 2011  6:13 PM)tehfroobshow Wrote: [ -> ]rubics kinda suck chess ftw beyblades all the way!

Then why post????

There is a kid at school that solves them in under 30 seconds. He is really fast.
I can solve a 3x3 in 50-55sec, i own a 2x2 which i can solve in 40sec and 6x6, i cant solve that yet though.
Aquilaz112@ thats a pretty nice time for a 6X6X6
Nano: the cube your talking about is referred to a 3X3X3
lord Wolfblade: is this what it looks like ???
Nuelyt: nice 3X3X3 time, it really takes that long for a 2X2X2 lol

i just got a new record on my megaminx
6 MINS 34 secs
it is hard heres a pic

yep, that looks like it to me, so what is it called?
(May. 14, 2011  1:57 AM)lord Wolfblade Wrote: [ -> ]

yep, that looks like it to me, so what is it called?

its actually called a pyraminx
lol, u should search it up and see if u can solve it
The Rubiks cube doesn't really entertain me as a puzzle. It has a step-by-step guide to solve it...not much of a 'puzzle'

But My best time somewhere around 40 seconds
3X3 45-60 seconds
I own a rubiks 3x3x3 and 4x4x4, i stop there because i heard the rubiks 5x5x5 stinks so i got a QJ 5x5x5. I also have a mf8 megaminx, 1x1x1, and a knock off floppy cube, but the plastic isn't that cheap it works great.
3x3x3 time: 3 years and counting. :B
(Aug. 12, 2011  3:33 AM)Raigeko13 Wrote: [ -> ]3x3x3 time: 3 years and counting. :B


Same. I have yet to solve one of these little annoying things, but my friend's soled one in under a minute Gasp
i finished 3x3x3 in 2:46 i think this is good kuz im only 12

I can finish a normal rubiks cube in 0:00.... because of this reason
revive fhis thread? bc i love rubiks.