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Full Version: Bey-Day! Ultimate Challenge SELLING THREAD
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this is the Bey-DAY ultimate challenge selling thread on the day i will be selling or trading

and some LL2s
rock leone 145wb kyoyas first bey
dark wolf df145fs it has a nice face bolt
thermal pisces t125es screw pisces works really good

I am looking to buy

ch120 i will buy the full bey
230 wont buy the whole flame byxis though
ANY pre-HWS beys but leone and saggiterio are my main wants
PM me offers !!!!!!

list what you are going to sell here Smile !!!!!
Would you be Interested to Throw me that SW145?
bey laucnher which one? cause i got lots
EDIT:i got two galaxy peagsus but how much
230 for free
Galaxy Pegasis for make a bid.
You do not have to place bid over 20 dolars since I have 3
I will be Buying:
Any Plastics or HMS w/ Launcher
Accesories I may not have.
Fang Leone 130WªD (Closes thing I can get to squared LOL)
Beypoint Card
Thing I will be selling or trading:
used Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
very used Basalt Horoguium 145WD (WD is not original clear)
used Ray Gil

Just wait for spare parts
updated added some things i am going to sell and taken off some wants and BUMP
Selling broken bey launcher LR and it is not faulty Broken also selling maybe a Light launcher 2
So by broken, what do you mean?
Buying launcher grip if you have one.
want posion serpent so bad, buy it for $15?
people offer in PM's so the thread dosen't get derailed Tongue_out
but 15 dollars its sold for posion serpent
i would like to buy a beylauncher
and a metal face
and beys i dont have ( 4D)
ill pm u offer RUSTY for the launcher
ill bring a few bucks to buy some stuff of ppl Smile
Selling storm capricorn used and maybye a few other things such as flame.
also selling earth virgo gb145 bs and gravity perseus ad145wd
And pre-HWS beys to my wants
Ray Gill, how much for just the Hell Kerbecs?
Also buying that launcher grip RustyXD.
no one is selling CS Confused
I am selling Storm Capricorn used.
Also anyone have a right spin string launcher?
what people want to sell they have listed but i did mention bey launcher which is a string launcher Tongue_out
Ok how much?
Also do you want the storm capricorn?
(May. 12, 2011  12:15 PM)RustyXD Wrote: [ -> ]this is the Bey-DAY ultimate challenge selling thread on the day i will be selling or trading
PM me offers !!!!!!

(May. 26, 2011  9:07 AM)RustyXD Wrote: [ -> ]people offer in PM's so the thread doesn't get derailed Tongue_out
Also selling ray gil and killer beafowl Tongue_out bey Launcher is NO longer for sale Tongue_out
I really want a rock escolipio any one selling
I am DESPERATE for a Beypoint card.
Also buying
selling a heck load of light launchers 1/2
for 50 c each lol
pm me if u want one :0
sorry Hope but dad wont let me get it so poision serpent still up for grabs and again soz about not gettin it