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Full Version: The Ryuga's Trading/Selling Thred
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I am selling Flame LibraT125ES, Rock OrsoD125B, Dark Wolf DF145FS, Flame AriesH145FS, Torch Aries125D, Elite Storm Pegasus 105RF and Burn Phoneix 135MS. Minimum $5 each. Slightly used. Plus if you buy one, you get 1 out of 3 codes. First come First serve. More info and products to come!
[Image: th_DSC04161.jpg]
What is an 'Elite' Storm Pegasis 105RF exactly? And these are all Hasbro, correct? Just clarifying.
Yes, I'm wondering as well. The photo is small and low resolution, so I can't tell what it is...
Isn't it just the Hasbro recolour? The one that has a blue Storm MW and red Pegasus CW? I can see one, first line on the left.
It is the one that comes from 'Super Vortex Battle Set' with 'L-Drago' and 'Storm Pegasis' Recolours.