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Full Version: School Traditions
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Post any school traditions here. At Ligon, we have this pedestrian sign we stick our gum on. NJHS cleaned it off yesterday.
playing the wii at lunch times it always leads to some kind of argument that i somehow get involved in...
Every Friday we have a water fight.
Cant understand where this topic is going to?
People posting school traditions, and other people commenting on them.
for being freshie..we line up in a line..and receive a punch one by one by the senior..or a slap..or get to dance...
benjohadi, are you in hs or college.
right now..i'm university they just doing it for fun,not a real punch or slap may make you laugh..the senior are quite ok...just having fun and get to know it other.. XD
Hm, makes sense.
soon..i will be the punch giver since i'm going to senior year soon..hahah..XD
Congrats. And my school also has 2 actual bands come in and do free concerts. Not big bands, well they are locally.
and their names?
The Chris Hendricks Band and Troop 41. Look up Troop 41 on YouTube. You can download their song 'Do the John Wall' on iTunes.
We have DS Download Friday where one kid brings in a Game and we all play DS at lunch art and Science.
What can I say, this uni in Japan has the best tradition ever:
[Ga The please dont pick squirtle part was hilarious.
For our school, Seniors or Juniors who own a vehicle can pay up to have their parking space painted a professional design. Of almost whatever they want. Freshman are called "fishies" by every succeeding grade. We've integrated a "New Traditions" where the entire school is littered with super-adhesive labels which in my opinion insult the hard working janitors over there. The students have made a tradition of writing gang signs in the restrooms to put a scare in those who are slow in their mental health. Pep Rally's of course, I like those especially the "BOOM-CHICKA-BOOM" dance groups.
Every day of exams we run outta school (my school is from kindegarten to 12 grade >:3)And best of all about 65% of the school does this!Its great.other traditions are mostly like:every thursday we grab water guns...but we fill them with coke :3 and best of all the first one to finish 10 water gun tanks by the end of the day gets about 20$ but we mostly do water bomb fights with juice plastic boxes behind the school and that is just for fun.