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Full Version: [Brooklyn, NY] 5/29/11 Brooklyn's Battalion
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super off topic but someone should totally sell me a hell kerbecs at this tournament.
Well, turns out I have plans that day. We're all going to some party my Aunt is throwing. Here, in the same town as where I live. Wish I could have come to the tournament.

Good luck to you all!
im almost going i need permission of my father so i can go solo yes
(May. 06, 2011  10:01 PM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I'll be selling MFB. I have HMS and Plastics, but that's by request only.

Totally missed your post. Which mfb will you be selling? Or is it a surprise Libruhhh
count me in this tournament
I am probably coming, unless my sister is having her birthday party that day. Just put me on the list and I'll tell you if I can't come later, if that's ok with you. I could bring my attack stadium with me if you want. We can buy a passport at the event right? I just want to make sure.
I'm not sure I can go now, I seriously have a 10% chance of going. Ugh, I just overslept ONCE just ONCE and I get grounded, I'm seriously bwnd now. I can't even go to the NJ tourney, too.
awesome ill see if my friend cruncher324 can come. but speaking of beyblades,my friend marvin got some new beyblades and i had to tell to tell him they were bootlegged because the launcher was fake,the face bolt was fake and everything about it was fake[and obviously he got them from a guy on fordam rd.] but he was like "it had a toys r us sticker on it" and another kid from my class was like "its not fake"[ even though he doesnt know the difference] so i said "the only way you know a real american beyblade is real,it has to have a wbba sticker"
i doubt my parents would let me go Unhappy so i might be coming and get my first face :d
This event SHOULD be much larger than our normal events...
this tournament is going to be the hardest tournament you hosted Deikailo maybe
Deikailo, i'm interested in what beyblade parts you'll be selling.
No, the last one by far was the hardest because there was a biking marathon at the same time, making everyone late.

FinisherLDrago, don't ask me these questions because I haven't ordered anything yet.
im coming and im going to do my best
Do your parents know? Are they okay with bringing you?
[quote='Deikailo' pid='638493' dateline='1304636770']

Time: 3pm
Date: Sunday, May 29th 2011
Location: Kings Games
Format: Double Elimination

Registration will begin at 3pm and end promptly afterward. There will be no waiting what-so-ever. If you think you will be late (by one hour only), text your username(s) to 6317457001 after 12pm and I will register you en route to the store.

After this, I will no longer host tournaments.

Ultimate KCPJ
Cyber Blader
Cye Kinomiya
J-Pac 147
(May. 06, 2011  12:29 AM)Ultimate Kcpj Wrote: [ -> ]you know im gonna be thereSmile

me too
cuz the pokemon video game tournament
hope i win
This is your last, Deikailo? Then it's my last chance to get in a tournament. I managed to convince my parents about buying me beys since I have the money, but now I need to get them to believe this tournament is safe so they can let me go.
can you try and sign me up agian if i can convinvce my mom esp. we live in queens she will prob say yes but not so sure right now.
Wait this is your last tourney? Now I'm seriously bummed...
Well, time to do chores around my house for some cash to buy some beys...
(May. 08, 2011  8:14 PM)Sparta Wrote: [ -> ]Wait this is your last tourney? Now I'm seriously bummed...
yes it her last to host for Long time
IM coming
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