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Full Version: Tiki Towers
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This is a game for the Wii Ware and iPhone/iPodTouch. I love it myself it's available in the App store for 1$/59p. It has tones of replayablity Grin Has anyone brought it? Opinions ?
This is really ringing bells.....I don't think I've played it on anything like it really but just that name......wasn't there something like this on Spyro or Crash?

Anyways, I don't have a Wii or an iPhone. What's it about? Smile
is that game really fun becasue ill buy it if it is
Basically you have to build platforms for these five monkeys to cross without falling, it's quite addictive, and has a lot of replay-ability, if anyone has 59p lying about on iTunes I'd get this game
Yeah It is actually really good buy it Grin
ok i will ive gt my i phone so its like a 1 USD
hahahhaahahha this game is soooo fun
Yeah it init, the graphics are amazing for an iPhone/ iPod Touch Game
for some strange reason yes but im on level 9 and omg is it fun
not a big fan of puzzle games.
Have you tried this? It is much more than a puzzle game
no but I doubt I will like it.
Seriously try it, it's only 59p and as proved by Rakee's responses it rocks Tongue_out