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Full Version: Hasbro Dranzer MS
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i am looking for a Dranzer ms that is manufactured by hasbro since it is over all better metal and plastic. if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it alot
it is really hard to find bcoz NIB hasbro dranzer ms is hardly to find and they are more expensive then takara's and sonokong's dranzer ms...beside..yu can find sonokong's or takara's dranzer ms on ebay..
as for hasbro dranzer ms,you can try your luck on any lot that contain dranzer ms..they might be hasbro one..
once they are out of the is hard to determine whether there are takara,hasbro or sonokong just looking at the pictures..impossible actually.....
Doesn't hasbro put it with a weird core ? I think sonokong is the best bet and people trust ahsbro more so youll prob end up paying more
I don't think that Hasbro changed the core for Dranzer MS. But, you are right in saying that this Hasbro one will sell for a lot more then a Takara or Sono Kong version. It already is more expensive then the Sono Kong ones that are on eBay right now.

I sold my Takara Dranzer MS for $35, but I think this Hasbro one will go higher then that.
I have one hasbro dranzer ms NIB but i sell it for a very expensive price
i have one but its used