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Full Version: Sig Words
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Why did you type what you did? I just want to intimidate people with mine.
I usually just put epic quotes from stuff. My first one was N's speech in Pokemon White/Black about separating black and white so it's not grey. Then, I had Black Star's (Soul Eater) assassin's rules because they just sound plain awesome.
I typed in my E4 member status, my current MFB stuff, credit for my sig (me lol), and that I prefer Ga over my full username, since:
a) sounds better IMO
b) easier to type
c) less likely to misspell.
Your sig has too many spoilers by the way...

Mine is advertising three things. My youtube channel, Beyblade shop, and a thing where I earn Runescape memberships for a certain amount of clicks.
Mine.. I'll have to see...

Edit.. Team Omega cause I'm in it, PM me for Sydney area cause I'm commander for Syd. SDamon made the sig because he made the sig, and the funniest quote by my opnion...
Mine in general is an advertisement for my works. DeviantArt, comics, etc. Even Twitter. It even comes with my personal line as an artist.

The ones that always changes are my quotes of the moment. They either come from anime or games, convos with friends, or even my own personal quotes. Currently, my quote of the moment is where I stand in buying toys. That said, to me, Black Rock Shooter figmas are more important than ANYTHING ELSE. If I miss one, I will STILL put my order for it.
Mine is a list of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards I need for my deck, a list of amusing quotes, an advertisement for my website, and one of Kaji Motomiya's comics. In the future, though, depending on the circumstances, it will probably be something like Kaji's. And on that topic, can I use that quote, Kaji?
Yeah, go ahead. I'll try and find something else to use. I'm always changing my Quotes of the Moment, anyway.
Reference to an old sig I used in the OtC days, which itself was a joke about the name of a plastic generation bey.
My sig now has one more thing. It is essentially Kaji's, except for the part after the EM Dash. And it's the truth, sadly.
Lets see....I chose to type what's under my sig because of my dislike of people disturbing peace and people attracting crowds to my location.
Mines from my favorite song by Escape The Fate, When I go out I want to go out on a chariot of fire.
At the Moment it is Advertising my Tourney Smile
Edited mine with not one, but TWO quotes from one of my favorite mangas, Zatch Bell (though I was using the translated lines from Gash Bell instead of VIZ's).

Brago is one of my most favorite characters in the series, but Victoreem during the Lord Zophis ark was too friggin' hilarious. Belgium E.O., too, but he didn't have enough quotes for me to put it up as a sig.
Thinking about taking things off and adding spoilers. Anyone know the code?
[spoiler] message [/spoiler]
Thx. Changed. Both are quotes from the 'Luck' thread. You have to read the thread to know what it's about, but funny nonetheless.
Mine is a pun of of Bluzee's beast of the east thing. It is just really narrowed down.
I have Quotes and credit to SDamonCronous
I also have a userbar
Sorry for bringing this thread back to life, but I need to set something straight. First though, I'll explain my sig. My sig is just an awesome sig made by Greimatter, and saying that he makes awesome sigs. Now, this is where I'm going to set it straight. In Nanos sig, you'll see a quote from me. It is "they're damn good balls." In that quote, I was referring to golf balls, Slazenger Raw Distance Xtreme TI, to be precise. I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not a weirdo, and that the quote was referring to golf balls.