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Full Version: buying list
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i am a serious buyer my bank account will be set up at a maximum of a week from today i have an ebay account that i can use i am redstore0214 and i want to buy this list below

Dragoon F

Dragoon S

Dragoon V

Dragoon V2

Cyber Dragoon

Driger F

Driger V
I'm selling a NIB black Driger V on eBay:

Also, I'm selling a Dragoon V and Dragoon F (bit it missing the stickers) in a lot on eBay:
The lot also includes Dragoon G and Dragoon GT.
i have a dragoon f . PM an offer its next to mint and ill throw in a rip cord and launcher
I have everything new in the box except cyber dragon.
Dragoon S, Dragoon F and Dragoon V2 are all re-color. PM me an offer
cool im gonna check how much i can spend on my budget and get back to u guys Smile
I have a BBA Driger F and a rare Crystal Driger F, give me an offer for both or individually.
check this out for cyber dragoon...