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Full Version: Any spare sticker sheets I can buy?
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Hello, Katanazero here.
I like stickers, and care (a lot) about how my beys look.
So I was thinking if anyone has spare sticker sheets that they can sell to me Smile
I need (Whole sticker sheet):
Storm Pegasis sticker sheet,
Wind Aquario's sticker sheet,
Lightning L Drago's sticker sheet.
I'll buy them each for 3 AUD, or 4 AUD.
Also buying launcher grips, launcher rubbers, and parts.
I live in Australia, with no credit card, so if you can meet up, I will pay your transport.
Also buying beys.
mmm...idoubt that anyone would just sell you the stickers..
try to look them on 'sticker sheets' can print them on sticker paper later..
Where to buy sticker paper?
thre i a button called edit press that to change your old thread
the link to the thread i mentioned..
try to search the sticker you want first before posting..they might be posted...
sticker paper should be available at stationary shop i think...