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Full Version: Advance Striker
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For those who have been reading the 'Call your work list thread' you would know that I wrote up an Advance Striker article. I got a good amount of help from a lot of people to edit it so I would assume that it is close to ready. Whenever pictures are provided it can be posted. I decided to give it its own thread to get more people's attention if they wanted to throw their two cents.

Thanks to Kei and Giga for their input.

Advance Striker

Bit Protector
This is the second generation bit protector released; it is tighter that the initial bit protectors allowing for a better fit.

Attack Ring (21 grams)

The attack ring of this beyblade is Advance Attacker, its gimmick is a reversible Metal Frame. The Metal Frame separates from the ABS Caul so it can be flipped to provide Upper Attack ability or Force Smash attack ability. It is also characterized by being symmetrical, so the attack in left spin or right spin is the same. This versatility allows Advance Striker to be the best option for upper attack in left spin. In right spin however it is outclassed Circle Upper and Samurai Upper. Even though they both possess a 20 degree slope, the length of Advance attacker's is only 1.5 cm compared to the 2.5 cm. of Samurai and Circle Upper. This difference of 1 cm. makes a noticeable difference to the amount of lift capable. The Force Smash feature is very useful if paired with an effective RC since 20 degree slopes make it one of the most pronounced force smash attack rings available. Uncustomized its potential remains untapped since Metal Flat Core is too short to utilize it.

The ABS Caul is a fairly conservative shape, it is nearly a full circle with three small triangular protrusions, and most of the contact is made by the metal frame. Other than some wear on the protrusions the rest of the ABS Caul will receive next to no damage. Its circular shape also allows for better balance.

Another feature of this AR is its size/weight ratio; weighing in at 21 grams Advance Attacker falls in the category for second heaviest attack ring. This weight combined by its small shape allows it to be a good choice for compact customizations. The only AR to weigh more and be as small is Jiraya Blade; but the difficulty obtaining that blade leaves this as a more viable option for most bladers. Other AR’s like Metal Ape’s are more compact, but weigh less.

Use in Upper Attack Customizations:
Advance Attacker can be used effectively in Upper Attack customs in both left and right spin.

AR: Advance Attacker
WD: Circle Heavy/CWD (defense Ring)
RC: Metal Change core

AR: Advance Attacker
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Grip Flat Core/ Grip Flat Core ultimate version

Use in Force Smash Customization
With a taller RC, the Force Smash mode of Advance Attacker is perfect for Force Smash customs.

AR: Advance Attacker (Force Smash)
WD: Circle Balance
RC: Manual Change Core/Metal Sharp Core/ Tornado Change Core

Weight Disk
Circle Heavy (16 grams)

Running Core (3 grams)

Metal Flat core was supposed to be an upgrade to Gaia Dragoon MS' Flat core, and in general it is. It has superior speed, survival and durability than its predecessor. The metal tip allows for extremely high speeds matching that of Metal Change core and falling behind only to Grip Flat Core and Grip Flat Core Ultimate Mode, and because it is metal, it will never be worn down through use in battle.

This RC also has the benefit for being extremely short. It is the third shortest RC bested only by GFC and GFC UM. This height makes is a good option for employing upper attack combos and compact attackers. By using the Sliding Shoot technique this can be an effective attack RC; without it though it is very uncontrollable and wild in the stadium.

Uses in Upper Attack Customization:
The high movement speed of Metal Flat Core makes it a great choice for attack customs.

AR: Circle Upper/Samurai Upper
WD: Circle Heavy/CWD (Defense Ring)
RC: Metal Flat Core

Use in Smash Attack Customization

Because the tip of Metal Flat Core is metal, its survival capability is much higher than that of Grip Flat Core and other similar RC's. This, along with the compact nature of Metal Spring and Circle Heavy make this high spin-rate Smash Attack custom something that can be used to counter the generic Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) customs that are so commonly seen in tournaments.

AR: Metal Spring
WD: Circle Heavy
RC: Metal Flat Core


Advance Striker as a whole is a very well designed and constructed beyblade. Its attack ring does has effective upper attack in right spin, but it is outclassed by the two popular game breakers in the format (Circle Upper, Samurai Upper). This disparity prevents it from being used in most competitive play as an Upper Attack AR unless playing within Restricted HMS tournament Rules. Its real strength lies in its force smash ability and left spin upper attack; two attack attack style far less populated. Force smash AR's are few and far between, and the game breakers are only effective upper attackers in right spin.

The RC Metal Flat core is a very useful part to own. The low height, high speed and excellent durability make it a very good option for all attack combos. Its features lend itself well to Smash Attack customizations in a field overpopulated with Upper Attack Combos. Overall this is a good buy for HMS, and serious players+attack beyblade fans should have one in their collection.
You should say that it can be used in both directions unlike Circle Upper witch only works in right
(Feb. 13, 2009  3:39 PM)Giga Wrote: [ -> ]You should say that it can be used in both directions unlike Circle Upper witch only works in right

I already did say that look over the attack ring section again. I mentioned that the attack worked in both right and left spin. 3rd or fourth sentence.
That is a distinct advantage though. Outline it in the Overveiw
This is pretty much ready to go. We just have to wait for Brad to get pictures of it (or we could post it now without them?).
If you guys want i can take pictures of it. The only thing is it wont be until late Sunday (tomorrow).
I was fine with anything. I thought I would leave that decision up to Brad and the rest of the Committee. Maybe he wanted as many articles with brand spanking new pics as possible?
Go ahead and post the article now if you really want. Or you can wait for pics. It's up to you.
Might as well wait for pics, no point in doing a half assed job. I shall just start to work on the Wyvern DJ, and Dark Leopard MS articles for now.

EDIT: I just made some changes to the article with new information on the slopes of the AR.
I just uploaded this article; I need pics and the confirmed name of the BP.
Great Article!
Next time you (and Anu) post an article, use the Article Updates template instead of inserting the "April 6: Advance Striker NEW!" text into the Main Page code.

The article looks great though, good job. I'll take some pics ASAP; my Striker isn't new, but is in good condition.
(Apr. 06, 2009  12:42 PM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]Next time you (and Anu) post an article, use the Article Updates template instead of inserting the "April 6: Advance Striker NEW!" text into the Main Page code.

The article looks great though, good job. I'll take some pics ASAP; my Striker isn't new, but is in good condition.

Thanks, didn't know that. Will do it via the template next time.
Nice Job Grin
And will keep what you said in mind Kei- Thanks.
soooo, I think enough time has passed to ask for pics again.
strikers are sitting on my shelf unopened

will take pics after vancouver summit
cool sounds good to me.