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Full Version: [Greensboro, North Carolina] Lucky's Card Shop Organized Play Thread
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Time: 1pm
Date: Sunday, May 22st, 2011
Location: Lucky's Card Shop
Fee: $5 store fee + WBO fees
Format: Block Round Robin


Titan Blader
Adam (Shippudenface's buddy)

Total: 7
Dei i found a Campground for us and it VERY Close too the Card shop
I saw it. I have to look into their rates.
Me and my brother are willing to come.
Does your brother have an account? If not, you should create one for him (don't forget to put your name down on the part of the sign up that says "referral"
sorry, its a bit too far for me to go
where are you coming from?
He doesnt have an account up here. But I will make him one.
Yes, do that. Then we'll only need three more players to make the cut.
Come on guys let get this tournament started. We only need a few more.
Dark, convince your brother to join and tell your friends. Grin
IM doing my best. Will you be doing a live feed like you did for the New York Tournament?
Yes. Hopefully, I will have a better connection.
Awesome are you gonna put the video up from the New York tournament? I wasnt able to see it all.
It didn't record.
If we can't get enough people before 22, can we do it in late Summer?
No, this is just because I'm in the area.

Just convince some friends to go to make the cut.
IM still talking to some people. Im hoping we can make the cut. If you film this event is there anyway we can record it?
Yes. I couldn't record it because of a bad connection, otherwise it would have automatically saved.
OK I did like the feed that i saw. What ended up winning the tournament? What was in the finals?
We still don't know who won, however, that is off topic. You should ask these questions in the event thread.
i don't know if i can make it.(dark mousy whats your thread)
deikailo can you do a tournament in north carolina
Geeze, I thought Beybladers would be starving for a tournament in NC, not rejecting it...

This is two weeks away. If I can't pull this together, I'll have to pick a new spot.

(May. 06, 2011  1:03 AM)beymasta Wrote: [ -> ]deikailo can you do a tournament in north carolina
Are you dense? This IS North Carolina!
If it doesn't make the cut will you have to find a new date for it?
I wanted to know because i want to be able to join at least 2 tournaments this month
If you can make it the week after the va tournament I can probably come
No, I'll be in Canada for Beyblade Crusade and then running the NY tournament the week afterward.

If it doesn't make the cut, then I just won't do it.
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