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Full Version: Some stuff I've been on the lookout for and never found...
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Hi, everyone! I've been looking all over for these Metal Fusion Beys, and there were three results:
1. Never found 'em in stores
2. Ebay sells them for too high
3. Hasbro is always out of stock

Now I have to rely in you guys, so here's the list of stuff I'm looking for:
Poison Serpent SW145 SD
Thermal Pisces T125 ES
Flame Sagittario C145 S
Dark metal fusion wheel
GB145 spin track

I want these preferably to be in a mint or sosososososososo close to mint condition. I also wouldn't mind if you change out the S tip in Sagittario to a B tip. THX![/size][/font][/b]
IMO, you should buy from dimsum2u or AkirasDaddy. Both would have what you are asking for in their sales thread. They sell them brand new and are cheaper then eBay. Thing is, I don't think either of them sell parts, so you'd have to buy full beys to get a dark wheel and GB145.
i could give you eveything on the list but i would be used Unhappy
I've got the Poison Serpent SW145SD your looking for.
New in the box.
I've got some of them for sale in my shop. Click my sig to view , thanks.
i have a thermal pisces. decent condition. but the thermal wheel has a little gun metalic paint on it . i prevously painted it and i tried to clean it but theres still a little bit of paint left . its not noticeable when u put the clear wheel on.

Edit: i also have a B bottom and a dark wheel

pm if intrested
I have a B tip, along with some of the parts from the Blades you need. Check my shop, and if you see something PM me.
ive got a dark wheel. pm me for info.
I've got a Dark metal wheel if you want it. Smile PM me if you want to buy it.
I've got a 4x Dark Wheel and 6x GB145! (GB145 are Recolor,they came with Infinity Libra Smile )
If you're interested in buying them,you can PM me Smile
I'll give you pics if you desire them!
I'm in Italy!
Dude, why do you buy these outclassed beys? No offense, but just asking as there are better choices out there....
Maybe he is a collector?