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Full Version: I need a few things .
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Ok so building a zombie bey is becoming intensely hard I can't seem to find a survivor weight disc anywhere and google is no help and if you have a good attack ring to go with a zombie beye please inform me as well as a tip since the face bolt and energy ring don't matter I just need a round attack ring that I will be applying grip tape to (steals spin hardcore according to modern physics ) so yeah . Any advice?
there is the magical beywiki,try there,there's a lot of tips
I spent a hour on the bey wiki looking for a place to buy the weight ring i might just make one of it comes down to It xD
no,what i ment was look first in the beywiki for tips on how to build one,ask for certain parts,then make!!
Oh ! I see I was like "wait ...what?" haha but I need a wide survivor weight ring a Turtle survivor attack ring And a Bearing sg spin Gear and a custom grip Blade base With a voltaic ape defense ring
Oh, I have lots of parts just tell me what they look like i can look them for you.
Ok the survivor weight disc should be perfectly round atleast I think so anyway and the ar should be almost perfectly round the base I'm unsure of what It looks like and I have no idea what the tip looks like.
I've got a red wide survivor weight disk. PM if you want it.
i have a used voltaic stickers..missing support parts and bitchip..the rest is in good condition...
This would have belonged in the obvious Buying forum ...
^ I realized that I posted it in the wrong place after I posted it my bad .
sent pm
Go here:
He is selling a plastic zombie combo. He is also selling parts for a HMS zombie (Advance Eterner attack ring, Reverse Defenser CWD, and Wolborg MS core).
I can sell you a plastic zombie combo. Would be cheaper than an HMS one.