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Full Version: Puzzle Quest: destroying your life one gem at a time
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Okay, so Synesthesia and I are currently losing our lives to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. I'm pretty sure this game exists for like every single platform so if you haven't played it yet, WHY NOT GO BUY IT?

I'm playing it on DS and Syn's playing it on PSP. The 360 and PC versions have online multiplayer. Also, the sequel, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, comes out this month I believe. The game is totally a sleeper hit and will consume your time and the respect of your loved ones.
AHAHAHAAHAHA. I swear you post about this everyday. You gotta ride out that addiction dude. XD

Still, I'll get the DS version if you say so.
I swear this game eats time.
Heard of it and want it badly!! It looks like lots of fun Grin
(Feb. 07, 2009  12:24 AM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]Still, I'll get the DS version if you say so.

it can be found pretty cheaply on ebay
Eh, I just downloaded it. *guilt*

Does it matter much if I'm a Druid or a Knight or whatever/what are you guys?
Yes, each class has entirely different abilities. I'm playing as a Wizard and Syn's playing as a druid. I hear Warriors learn some really strong abilities.
Oh great a choice. I'm awful at these kind of desicions........=_=

Eh, I chose a wizard.
woot just got firewalker's staff

Firewalker's Staff
Adds +5% to Fire Resistance, and adds +1 damage for every 4 of your Red Mana whenever you do 3 or more damage.
Isn't this on iPhone? I might buy it if it is.
it's in three parts on the iphone, so it would cost $60 total

however it's $15 on XBOX Live Arcade
Hmm.... I have 1600 MS points just chillin' with nothing to spend them on. I'll try the demo and see how it goes from there.
Me: and no lol
Brad: why not
how about now
Brad: oh god i know
so does synesthesia lmao

Seriously considering getting it if I get some money.
Ended up playing into the early hours of the morning. I hate you Brad. XP
it really eats the time away

as it turns out, i'm almost done Unhappy
(Feb. 07, 2009  7:55 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]it really eats the time away

as it turns out, i'm almost done Unhappy

Now you'll be ready to be possessed by Galactrix when it comes out!
no i'll start a new file as a different class probably
Okay, so I finally beat Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on Nintendo DS, and here are my thoughts.

I'll just open up by saying that I loved every second of this game and I'm sad that I finished it. It's a wonderful concept and I'm glad to see that this unique game became such a hit. However, there are shortcomings that I can't overlook. I'm going to try and focus on stuff that hasn't been covered ad-nauseum by gaming sites, so I won't carp about the music (it's awful), the writing (it's awful), or the glitches (uncommon but awful).

For one thing, it's simply way too easy to break the game for yourself in the last chapter. By that I mean, at around Level 40 (max is 50), I was able to kill most monsters with almost all my Life Points remaining. Winning in one or two turns wasn't uncommon. Even set to Hard, the game was a breeze. I ended up un-equipping my forged items in order to actually play the game. The only place these items were necessary were sieging some particularly difficult cities and the final boss. Even then, I was able to take out the final boss on my second try with almost all my LP remaining (first attempt, I got poor drops and died quickly).

I already knew not to expect any end-game content, but it was still disappointing. The game is plenty long, but most of that length comes from the fact that most battles take 5-10 minutes. Outside of battle, I imagine the game time is less than an hour. It would've been very easy to lengthen this game with some sort of end-game area full of monsters with powerful abilities and equipment.

This is exacerbated by the fact that when you boot the game up, you're greeted by a vast, beautiful hand-drawn map with only your small country charted. Unfortunately, most of it will remain uncharted. I'm willing to estimate that about 60% of the world map is actually un-explorable. I don't know if it simply didn't occur to the designers that having a vast world map that you can't even explore would be incredibly disappointing, but it was to me. Using the world map to guess how much more of the game I had left, I thought I was only halfway through. In reality, I was near the end. The entire left side of the map is empty, along with an empty island in the middle of the map teasing. Would've been a perfect place to put some end-game content ...

The RPG aspects are ultimately what make this game so fulfilling, but there is definitely room for improvement in them. When you level up, you gain four skill points to allocate to different attributes. Unfortunately, by the time you hit the level cap you will be lucky to have one skill at Level 100. Skills max out at Level 256, which means that the only way to max out skills is to spend absurd amounts of money. There's nothing to use these skills against though, so I guess it doesn't matter.

The lack of online multiplayer in the DS version seems like a pretty glaring oversight. None of the reviews I read seemed to point this out, which I found odd considering the game isn't exactly ancient. Then again, I don't think the studio expected the game to be so successful. As far as I can tell, the DS version of the sequel doesn't seem to have online multiplayer either.

It's just come to my attention that XBOX 360 version of Puzzle Quest has an expansion pack. Well, time to get a 360 I guess. Unhappy It's a shame they didn't see fit to release some sort of add-on for the DS as a GBA cart or something.

Also annoying is that there are only two save slots in the DS version, but there are four classes. If you want to play as them all, you'll be deleting a file.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix comes out this month and I'll definitely be picking it up when I can. I'm not too crazy about the space theme, though, and I'm not sure how I feel about the hexagonal playing field. But, if it's half as addictive as this game was, it'll be worth it.

Now, to start a new file as a different class ...
Hmm......quite a few complaints there. I've only just started but I don't think many of those will apply to me. For example:

Music: I'm actually quite fond of it.
Writing: I find it amusing the way they speak amusing and I'm not gonna be too bothered if the actual plot ends up sucking.
Glitches: Haven't experienced any of these yet.
Breaking the game: HAHAHAHAHA. NO. Seriously, as much as I love it, I'm pretty sure I suck at this game.
End game content: Didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it.
Useless map: I probably would have felt the same actually. But at least it's pretty and I won't feel disappointed now I know.
Expansion pack and save slots: If there were any more of these I would fail my GCSE's, A-Levels, whatever. SO I'm kinda glad that I won't get overly addicted.
Online multiplayer: I have yet to buy a WiFi adapter anyways, so......
i picked up galactrix yesterday, and honestly i'm not really feeling it so far Unhappy