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Full Version: [Reno, Nevada, USA] Team legendary tournament
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Hey bladers in Reno i was thinking we should have a tournament. I dont really know how these tournaments work, but i really want to compete. I know my friend would be competing so we already have two. So yeah if you wanna blade and live in or around Reno, Let me know!

I'm in, come on reno ppl, lets do this thing!!!!
you guys should totally make one for hot august nights. i might be down, be bugging my dad to take me with him not hard since he displays his classics every year. so im hoping nothing changes and i think it would be a great time for you guys to have a hot august tourny or something have it same time every year.
Yeah man thats a great idea. There will probably be more peopple in town anyways so there will probably be more bladers. I will see what i can do.
Yeah thats a really good idea. I will see if we canfind a place where we could do it anually.
Oops i fail
Oops i fail
When is it because i'm going there july 25th and staying a week. and where will it be at???Pinching_eyes_2
any one going to hot augest nights? im thinking about going this week! maybe we can meet up and have a beybattle would be kind of cool!