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Full Version: Takara Beyblade Ferocious Zeus A-129 // Anyone?
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Is there any good stock of the original plastic/HMS blades anywhere, even eBay seems to lack anything oldschool. I have my eyes on Zeus, not for battling purposes but purely for display I guess. If anyone has a pretty mint one, I can pay via paypal/direct debit. Name a price and I'll mull it over.

On top of that I would be very interested Flash Leopard (any version Wink). So yeah, I won't get ahead of myself and I understand if this is an unreasonable request given the state of discontinuation etc. But if it is possible to purchase these blades, please mention!
I've got both Flash Leopard and Flash leopard 2 for sale. PM me if you're interested.
Well, Zeus is my first priority, but if none show up, I'll definitely send you a message Smile
if i finish my deal with kei i may have one so ill noticed if i so get it
Best way to get the blades you are after is using a middleman to buy them from YJA. There are plenty of NIB Flash Leopards (both versions) and currently there is a NIB Zeus which is around $40.