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Full Version: RustyXD's Buying Thread!
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The Current items i want are listed below , if you have any of the following please PM and we can work it out from there Grin

Metal Driger
Gaia Dragoon V
Dranzer V2 (Needs to be under $30 USD if its NIB)
Burning Kerberous (Needs to be under $30 USD if its NIB)
Wolborg 2
Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger
Driger S
Dranzer GT
Dranzer G
Driger V2
Draciel S
Draciel V2
Voltaic Ape

Dranzer MS
Dark Efiigy MS
Wolborg MS
Dragoon MS/UV
Phantom fox MS
Dark Leopard MS

Vari Ares D: D
Bakushin Susanow 90WF(lunar eclipse)
Gravity Perseus ATK BD145XF
Dark Cancer CH120FS
Flame Gemios 105CS
Okay im about to give you the best price on the market for 230
continue convo through PM
Hi you haven't replied yet.
He's offline...
I have an NIB Earth Mold 1, Moderately Used Burn Mold 1 and a 4 Minute Pre-HWS Virgo if you're interested. Send me a PM and we'll continue this there.

To be honest being able to find a NIB Earth Mold 1 is very rare.
ive got a ch 120
Updated looking for HMS Wink
listed the main ones i want Wink
rusty i have a hms bey but i dont know which one i got it like when i was very little like 5 years ago.
might be what you want
Well if you have time could you please take a photo of it , and your PM's are turned off that's why I am asking here Wink
i have a dranzer ms purple but with a normal flat running core..if you interested,pm me..and i'll show you the pics...
I've got a samurai changer and sea dragon. You can get the sonokong version on eBay NIB.
(Jun. 10, 2011  12:21 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]You can get the sonokong version on eBay NIB.
I'm assuming he means a Sono Kong Dranzer MS, lol. Reading his post, it sounds strange...
Oh yeah that's what I meant. Missed out the name.
Check my selling thread to find some nice hms
I have all this New in a Box
Wolborg MS
Phantom Fox MS (Blue and Green)
Samurai changer MS
Dranzer MS (Proto Gray)
Sea Dragon
I have listed how much i am willing to pay i might go over that though, because i don't no that much about the price of HMS . and PM me offers please i don't think i mentioned it in the OP
Added Areo Knight MS and Bloody Devil MS to my wants Smile
There are some on ebay right now. Sold by Icebreaker10 for very cheap prices. He only ships to the US but you could try asking him if he'll ship to Australia.
Updated , and willing to buy once i find the right price.
I've got a few of these. Pm me for details.
i got most of those plastics in my thrread , holla at me bro, iv decided to keep a few cause its hard to let go but most im willing to let go of
Bump! I would prefer to buy them used but still in good condition. And i am looking for MFB's as well.
You still looking cause i've still got all the ones I had last time you contacted me.
Updated! I want every era of beyblades PM if you have any of them Grin
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