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Full Version: [Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States] Anyone up for a tournament
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Okay, does anyone want to have a tournament in Ridgewood? I was thinking Graydon Park, as it's pretty big and would have enough space for a tournament.

List of People Interested:
Cyber Blader+ 1 Friend
im game when is it?
It's going to be on beyday.
(Apr. 24, 2011  3:16 AM)Cyber Blader Wrote: [ -> ]I was thinking June 21st
I still need to clear it with Ridgewood we can use Graydon Park, get enough people to make a proposal, and then get it approved. I want to give myself enough time to do all this.
Ridgewood is accessible by the NJ Rail, right? It's the train to use to get to Sniper's (former) Elmwood Park tourney. If you need to go to Ridgewood, just take the train from Elmwood Park.
Yeah, it is accessible by NJ Rail.
I am two towns away!!! Definately interested in a Ridgewood event. Thanks!
Cool, would WhiteWave come too?
WhiteWave would likely join in the Ridgewood event. Don't you have to be members to get into Graydon Park? or am I thinking of the pool?
Your thinking of the pool. Graydon Park is across the street.
Sorry about the double post, but if we could get enough people, I was thinking we could do this on May 28th so we could have it on BeyDay.