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Full Version: [West Berlin, New Jersey] 5/15/11 Topsy Turnpike
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1st Place: IKMV
2nd Place: Hiddenblader
3rd Place: Deikailo


Time: 10am NO LATER THAN 11am
Date: Sunday, May 15th, 2011
Location: All Things Fun
Fee: $5 store fee - all proceeds result in store credit for prize
Format: Double Elimination

This will be monthly. I just have to clear it with the store before throwing it into proposals.

Burn Leon
King Of Blades
Guitar Blader
beast chimaera
Flame Aries
Stamina Blader

Total: 19
Im down but I need a ride.
You're good with me. Just throw down a few bucks for gas.
yo i want to battle too
Can you make it there? Are your parents cool with it?
Looks like I can go.
CyberDranzer what is "Q"
First off, that's his signature. Secondly, NOT the thread to be asking that.
(Apr. 22, 2011  11:26 PM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]You're good with me. Just throw down a few bucks for gas.

kk then im in >=]
(Apr. 23, 2011  5:11 AM)Shippudenface Wrote: [ -> ]
(Apr. 22, 2011  11:26 PM)Deikailo Wrote: [ -> ]You're good with me. Just throw down a few bucks for gas.

kk then im in >=]
You realize this means you have to come to the Maryland tournament, too, right?
Oh snap, you had told me but I forgot. Lemme check all the info and I'll give you a deffinate answer.

Edit: Its a weekend so yea Im good =]
I'll think be joining this tourney too, but I need to clarify first with my parents.
Okay, once they give you the green light, I'll put you on the list.

Are you bringing your teammate, too?
Can't wait to see every body see u there
alright, then
...i think i might be able to go but i have to study every day for that test. If i do go i might be able to bring a freind but he's not logged in to this organization since he doesn't have internet.
When you know for sure, post again and I'll add you to the list, 'k?

And your buddy can sign up at the tournament, no worries. Smile
Alright, they said I could go, but problem is, once again, I need a ride.Tired
Talk to Cyberbeyblade77. He's coming from Philly.
Dei could you put this on youtube when its finished for me and i might have a team member coming
If I can get consent forms in time, I will.
Thanks if my team member comes i want to see him in action Beywarrior897
im thinkin about goin with an old friend whs not a member
This is going to be the best every one deikailo have the best tourments ever
does this have a age limit?
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