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Full Version: Buying new Beyblades anyone have some?
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Hey i need some beys any offer would do, I do not like trading so please do not ask and PM me if you are ready to sale me something.

Looking for:
Basalt Horogium 145WD
Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Big Bang Pegasus
Fang Leone
2 Grip Launchers (Silver or Any other color)
3 String Launchers (Any type really)
And any other materials or extra bey supplies?

Thank you very much!
i have a silver launcher grip. pm me if u are interested
go to www.plamoya .com to find some
Does anyone have any stuff i can buy? I need some new stuff or half new barely used.
ive got a fake beylauncher lr
I can get some of them for you. Click my sig to go to my shop to see the prices. Thank you.
(Apr. 21, 2011  2:12 AM)BrawlLawl Wrote: [ -> ]ive got a fake beylauncher lr

why would any one wat
nt a fake beylauncher
Does anyone have a Beat Lynx 170WD, I need one!
(Apr. 21, 2011  4:25 PM)DranzerGigs2 Wrote: [ -> ]

You posted that already. All you're doing is creating SPAM.
I have one, $45 inlcudding shipping Grin