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Full Version: Xat Chat Group.
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Hello World Bladers,

First read this: Information of Xat. Now, you should've understood lots about xat by now ? This is the definition of xat on the main page : is a fun social networking site with the best online chat box. Make friends, join a group, run your own chat - 10,000s online now.

Now, I know this is not encouraged on the WBO, and, Moderators and Committee members would have to deal with substantial amounts of SPAM. But you can make Rules on these chats, I have already taken the trouble to make the rules, the backgrounds and the whole chat. It is a fun Idea, I want this to be exactly like the WBO, so, till a Committee member Private Messages me and asks me for the chat password to become a main owner, I will be Main Owner, but after they do, I will de-owner myself and become an ordinary member. I will take no credit in making this chat.

I want it to be like this:

Main Owner will be Kai-V
Owners will be the Committee Members of the WBO.
Moderators will be the Moderators of the WBO
Members will be everyone who comes on the chat.

Most of you will not have a xat account I assume, if you don't come on the chat and tell us who you are, you can even change and edit you're name.

Now lets get to the chat , come on over here and we'll have loads of fun, read the rules there, and follow them. I would embed it here, but MyBB doesn't support embedded codes.

nice idea through using these all wbo members can chat on a single platform nice idea electric
there are already chatting threads made but they have been closed. this seems good but. i like it. i also voted on the poll. but i don't think this thread will be open.
Nope, this is not a chatting thread, its a thread which contains the link to a chat site. Its WBO exclusive though...
Exactly. I think this topic will live.