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This topic is about your user title. Why did you choose that tittle? Does it have meaning behind it?

I saw Bdaichi's title and found out the meaning. It had "Do you believe it?" at the end, so I put "I believe it" afterwards. Nothing that special (unlike Kai-V's) but eh, gets the work done.
Hm, this is the meaning behind my user title then :

Because Dir en grey is still awesome.

Also, "titles" only takes two 't's.
I was just thinking what is the most important characteristics of a hero; Justice.
(Apr. 14, 2011  5:35 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]Also, "titles" only takes two 't's.

It is two "t"s. unless you changed it.

EDIT: *FACEPALM* I she what I did wrong...
I chose the title kaiju master because i have a vast knowledge within the Daikaiju genre from movies to the monsters themselves I tend to also consider it like a personal thing for you see i loved dinosaurs and up until 2009 i have never seen a godzilla film well THERE YA GO!
my title automatically changed when i got a passport. Grin
too lazy to change it. or care.
Mine always changes depending on my mood. I think my current one is..."The Greatest Chocobo." Simply put, this Chocobo (save the Chocobo chick that hides in some guys afro in FFXIII) is THE cutest and most AWESOME Chocobo Squaresoft has to offer. He originated from the "Chocobo Dungeon" series, which then came out with other ports for the Wii after how many years.

Other notable titles I used was "Demonio de Queso" (literally translated "Cheese Demon," or how I intended "Cheese Fiend"), which came from wanting to scare Dei-day with cheese in the WBO Comics by Mercury, and "I...REJEEEEEECT!!!", which I was captioning a scene from the anime Toradora.
Jenna Rose - My Jeans

I took a lyric from that music video for its ridiculousness. I felt it matched the ridiculousness of my Justin Bieber x 50 Cent avatar, and it's versatile as it works fine with my new Justin Bieber x Lil' Wayne avatar.
I used 'Vicious' as my Avi and Signature matches it.
I kept mine as dragoongalaxypegasus. Two great beys share a similar word. Don't they?
When playing with friends, even champion bladers, I actually easily beat them. Some people say that my collection is beast. With my ability and collection, even though I don't want to brag, and the fact I'm Filipino, there goes my user title : "Filipino Beast" (As far as I remember, as of today, I'm the only Filipino resident with a face.)
Kaizer: Kaizer Wilhiem(If you ask why, PM). the whale known as Kaizer.
MFB: well....MFB. or maybe MFB4D now.
I tend to use internet memes for my username titles.

“Challenge Accepted” is a series of four-pane comics depicting real life situations where the character is presented with a highly difficult or dangerous task requiring blind courage, yet chooses to embrace the near-impossible challenge against all odds.
-Know Your Meme heres the link.
Beyjun is supposedly the youngest and cutest member on here. Not only that, he is the youngest competitor at any tournament. He is my team leader and ControL_'s younger brother. I love him so much! My title is befitting, no?
A Bakers Dozen is a Missile that starts by shooting it. Several seconds after it was launched it splits into 12. So from 1 missile to 12 missiles. 1-12

Edit: Wait sorry I changed it
Edit 2: Heres the link I got it from
Edit 3: Heres another link

Edit 4: Because im the Team Galaxy Wings Representative Leader
I'm really big on yoga.


It's just what you say when your hands are in prayer position.

It doesn't have a defined meaning, but it has a big meaning.
(Apr. 14, 2011  4:01 PM)SSJfisherman Wrote: [ -> ]I'm really big on yoga.


It's just what you say when your hands are in prayer position.

It doesn't have a defined meaning, but it has a big meaning.

I was told by my Pastor, who also says that frequently, that it means "The holy in me sees the holy in you".

ANYWAY... Jumping on the Dir en grey fan-bandwagon with mine. It's just a nod to their latest song/single which I really love.
Omae wo korosu is Japanese for "I'll kill you". It's just something that I will randomly say.

"Omae wo korosu" doesn't really have a meaning behind it, it's pretty straight forward.
Ikr? Is a popular term and I like saying alot, and I thought: Hey, might as well use it. Besides the fact that it might confuse people as to what I mean by it.
Mine is one of Dudley's, the man with the blue gloves in my avatar, catchphrases in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

"You have have no dignity!"
All I did for my User Title was replace Kentucky as Snake. Afterall, there's snake in the middle of the picture. Then I just added fried chicken O.o
hm, i only have A challenger because i like to challenge people, most of the time it can go both ways. not only do i have a dodge challenger but i tend the challenge.

its from a story a user called a challeger but no one knows who they really are. and they are known to drive around in a challenger LOL. kind of stupid but it works.

that and i dont want to change my user name to it.
Errr... Namaste is hello in Hindi. :\ And mine refers to the Pokéleague, where I beasted everyone with my awesome fire types. But, I'm thinking about changing it and my avi. And LVJ, my friend's favorite char. in SSFIV 3D is Dudley because he's "rather dashing". (Inside joke about his comic character Dapper Cat).
Hah, hello then.

I do what's called hatha yoga, not sure if that's Hindi.
Simple. I have been working on Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. In the game, they call Shadow the "Ultimate Life Form." I just beat the Dark Story, so I decided to change my user title to Ultimate Life Form. Joyful_2
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