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Full Version: Updated list of unopened Beyblades for trade (Hasbro)
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I am currently looking for a couple pointers and a few misc Beys. I am interested in working out some trades if anyone is in need of any hasbro beyblades please PM me.
[Image: HPIM2091.jpg] [Image: HPIM2093.jpg][Image: HPIM2094.jpg][Image: HPIM2095.jpg][Image: HPIM2096.jpg][Image: HPIM2097.jpg][Image: HPIM2098.jpg][Image: HPIM2100.jpg][Image: HPIM2101.jpg][Image: HPIM2102.jpg][Image: HPIM2103.jpg][Image: HPIM2104.jpg][Image: HPIM2106.jpg][Image: HPIM2107.jpg][Image: HPIM2108.jpg][Image: HPIM2109.jpg][Image: HPIM2110.jpg][Image: HPIM2111.jpg]IMPORTANT: As the forum rules state, you must provide a photo of the Beyblades or accessories that you want to sell with a piece of paper where your name is written. If you open a thread without posting this photograph immediately as it is opened, it will be closed right away. This is to prevent more fraud.
Does that say 135...? I thought the Hasbro ones came with 145... Confused
all of the Hasbro burn fireblazes i have ever seen have 135ms, if they made a 145ms please let me know!
No, it is indeed always 135.
Interested in earth Virgo. Pm me an offer for trade.thanks!
Also have an extra burning first strike and max stampede stadium. I am looking for any TT stadium.
(Apr. 14, 2011  12:51 AM)Xeroed Wrote: [ -> ]Also have an extra burning first strike and max stampede stadium. I am looking for any TT stadium.

Stadiums are gone...

Hi please reply the pm I sent you some time ago. Thanks.
I will be sending my PM right away.
I will be updating this at some point today.
Thank you for all the responces

If your looking for certain hasbro beys that have been release and are hard to find or you would like to get on my waiting list for the new releases please send me a pm with your list in order of importance and I will help you in any way I can.