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Full Version: What was your old username(s)?If any.
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I was first raffy614, then Horogium827, because Basalt Horogium my favorite bey by then, then TheWaterSerpent cuz I liked poison serpent, Then back to Horogium827 cuz I started to hate serpent, Then Kerberogium827, because I liked kerbecs and horogium and wanted to make something creative, Then now I have •$TAT!C• cuz I thought "Kerberogium" sounded corny, and I didn't wanna make a beyblade-based name cuz it's getting kinda boring. That's all.
Funny quote:
"You made me chase you on a dog through the neighborhood for $25 dollars?!?!?"
Old name was PegasusLegend but now it is @w3$ome
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