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Full Version: Dranzer beyblades.
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Hi I'm looking to buy some plastic dranzer beyblades.
Dranzer S
Dranzer V2

Im just coming back to the beyblade scene so im not quite sure how much these are worth. I have about £30 (GBP) to spend but that could be increased if needed. I would prefer to buy from a UK seller.
Hi I have a limited edition Dranzer s for sale. Please click my signature to view. Pm if interested. Thanks.
i have an electronic dranzer s and v2 for sale PM an offer please. Im uk
do you have dranzer f for sale
Well he is looking to buy one so obviously he doesn't have one for sale.
Make your own Buying topic.
(Apr. 15, 2011  2:52 AM)amaad541 Wrote: [ -> ]do you have dranzer f for sale

He's buying not selling...either way, make your own buying thread! Don't use someone elses!
I have a NIB red Dranzer F. Photos are in my sales thread.
No longer looking for a dranzer f
Hey man, I've got a Dranzer S Red Version and Dranzer V2 NIB and slightly used for sale in my thread. Send me a PM if your interested Smile

Full list of items for sale.
(Apr. 15, 2011  2:14 PM)Nick493 Wrote: [ -> ]No longer looking for a dranzer f
Edit your Thread then.